Pelosi’s bill fixated on ‘diversity’ quotas, requires corporations to report to Congress

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., blew up a bipartisan agreement in the Senate that was close to being finalized on Sunday, delaying desperately needed relief to the American people hurting in response to the Chinese virus, COVID-19.

Instead, the speaker unveiled her own spending measure on Monday that was chock full of political pork, as Democrats looked to exploit the misery of fellow Americans.

As Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., reportedly said on a recent conference call with Democratic lawmakers, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

The outrage over the House bill was immediate, as the measure has many provisions completely unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak, such as another push for diversity from a party that thrives on identity politics.

In fact, the word “diversity” appears 32 times in Pelosi’s coronavirus relief bill, according to The Washington Free Beacon. The terms “race” and “gender” are well represented, as well.

More from the Free Beacon:

The plan includes a section on “Improving Corporate Governance Through Diversity” that aims to “ensure that corporate boards reflect the diversity and perspectives of the communities and consumers impacted by the hardships due to the coronavirus disease.” The word “inclusion” appears 14 times in the text of the bill.

One section of the House Democratic bill, titled “Diversity Report,” would establish a congressional oversight panel requiring any corporation that receives federal aid related to coronavirus to provide “diversity data” to congress. The panel would publish a report on its findings the following year.

The required data would include demographic information about the corporation’s employees and board members in terms of “race, gender, and ethnic identity.”


A small sampling of the bill’s text can be seen below, in the focus on “pay equality” and “corporate board diversity.”

In much the same way the Democratic Party’s steadfast, spirited advocacy for illegal immigrants at the expense of US citizens at some point begins to smell a lot like anti-American sentiment, the party’s headlong push for “diversity” is beginning to reek of discrimination against white people.

Of course, saying such things in today’s cancel culture will get you tagged as a white supremacist in a hurry.

Just ask Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who noted Monday night that Pelosi’s measure makes corporations “prove they give enough money to firms owned by women and non-whites.”

Either way, these issues have no place in an emergency relief bill badly needed by the American people.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the party placing it’s political ideology ahead of the country’s needs from Twitter:

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