Clueless celebs slammed for cringe video promoting world with no borders during pandemic

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The stunningly privileged, wealthy and out-of-touch elitists who comprise Hollywood have reportedly sought to “lighten the mood” as the world burns by serenading America with a communist tune that calls for a world with no borders.

That tune is “Imagine,” a ditty written by deceased rock legend John Lennon that he himself once admitted was a virtual rendition of the “Communist Manifesto.”

‘Imagine,’ which says ‘imagine that there was no more religion, no more country, no more politics,’ is virtually the ‘Communist Manifesto,’ even though I’m not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement,” he once said, according to Far Out magazine.

The only reason he never identified as a self-proclaimed communist was because he reportedly believed true communism hadn’t yet appeared.

Regardless, here’s Hollywood’s serenade:

Nice …

“Imagine” envisions a socialist/Communist utopia devoid of private property, geographic borders and national identity.

It would instead be a perfectly homogeneous world where everybody would just magically get along, and the risks of war, famine, disease and catastrophe wouldn’t exist.

That Hollywood elitists would recite such a song in a pandemic-inflamed world where national identity has become paramount struck many as annoying.

Identity matters now more-so than ever before because, one, the current crisis exists because of one and only one nation, China; two, the crisis has been exacerbated by open borders policies; and three, strict borders are needed to prevent the virus’s spread.

See some of the backlash below:

Honestly, Hollywood’s best bet at a time like this would be to shut up and instead work privately and quietly to provide substantive help to the American people.

But instead of putting their money where their mouth is, Hollywood’s elites have been yapping their jaws — and as usual, their yapping has mostly concerned President Donald Trump.

For as the president has been busy locking down America’s borders to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, Hollywood’s elites have been barking at him to resign.


Eh, except the millions of Americans who voted Trump into office and have kept his approval rating above 40 percent seem to disagree mightily.

Case in point:

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