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‘Furious’ Bernie denies ending campaign after primary losses: ‘I’m dealing with a f****g global crisis!’

bernie sanders suspends campaign coronavirus joe biden
A furious Bernie Sanders snapped at a reporter and denied that he’s suspending his campaign after rival Joe Biden swept the latest round of primary races. “I’m dealing with a f*cking global crisis!” the socialist senator shouted. (screenshot)

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Socialist Bernie Sanders angrily denied that he’s ending his presidential campaign after rival Joe Biden swept the latest round of primary races by winning Florida, Arizona, and Illinois.

CNN’s Manu Raju chronicled the fiery encounter on Twitter: “Sen. Bernie Sanders grew angry when asked about his campaign plans. During a gaggle with reporters in the Capitol, I asked Sanders about his time frame for making a decision, and he lashed out: “I’m dealing with a f*cking global crisis!”

For the record, Sanders isn’t “dealing with” the coronavirus crisis; President Donald Trump is.

The best thing that Bernie, 78, and Biden, 77, can do right now is to stay home, since both are at high risk to get the virus. Both Democrats are almost 80 years and have compromised immune systems due to their serious underlying health issues.

Bernie had a heart attack a couple of months ago. Joe is at risk for getting deadly strokes given his irregular heartbeat and history of aneurysms.

CNN’s Manu Raju said when another reporter asked Sanders what he’s saying to his supporters, “he sidestepped the question, noting he sent out a statement. Then, I asked about his time frame [for suspending his campaign] — and he was furious.”

Speculation erupted that Sanders was dropping out following a premature, erroneous story by Axios declaring that Bernie had suspended his campaign.

Axios — which often reports anti-Trump stories based on anonymous sources — later issued an apology.

In reality, the Sanders camp had deactivated its Facebook ads. That’s usually a precursor to a candidate ending their campaign. That’s exactly what  Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg did right before suspending their campaigns.

As it is, there are growing calls for Senator Sanders to drop out following Tuesday’s primary races.  Joe Biden now has an almost insurmountable lead over Bernie, and the remaining electoral primary map looks disastrous for Sanders.

CNN political commentator David Axelrod suggested that Bernie should drop out because he has no chance to win the Democratic Party’s nomination now.

Axelrod is a Democratic strategist who was previously a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama.

Axelrod told CNN opinion host Anderson Cooper:  “We know how this race is going to end now, we just don’t know when. And Bernie Sanders will have a lot to say about that.”

Axelrod said it was important for Bernie to drop out sooner rather than later because that way, the Democrat Party could rally around Joe Biden.

(Source: CNN)

Similarly, former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill urged Sanders to drop out on Tuesday evening after Biden crushed Bernie in the latest round of primary elections.

“The conversation is going to quickly turn to how and when does Bernie Sanders unite the Democratic Party?” McCaskill told MSNBC host Brian Williams. “I think it is time [for Bernie to quit].”

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc across the United States and around the world.

President Trump has taken extraordinary measures to combat the coronavirus. In addition to imposing a travel ban on China back in January, he instituted a European travel ban last week.

Despite the serious health crisis and accompanying negative impact it will have on the U.S. economy, Trump reassured Americans that we will get through this.

While the Left and its media minions are rooting for Trump to get sick and for the economy to tank so they can blame him, the President vowed that the United States will overcome this. Just like we overcame the swine flu, the bird flu, SARS, the 2008 financial crash, Sept. 11, and every other crisis.

“Americans are the strongest and most resilient people on Earth,” President Trump said. “In the coming weeks, we will all have to make changes, but these short-term sacrifices will produce long-term gain. The spirit and the will of our nation is unbreakable. We will prevail.”

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