Bartiromo warns China: This crisis won’t end well for you, expect ‘major shift’ in American production

Fox News and Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo warned that the effect of the coronavirus crisis on the way America does business spells “bad news” for China. […]

‘Unforgiveable’: Tulsi feels leftist wrath for endorsing establishment fav, ‘warmonger’ Joe Biden

Now-withdrawn non-establishment Democrat presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard faces a reckoning of epic proportions — and all of her own doing. After all, she rose to a […]

Let’s talk victory as powerful messages of inspiration emerge and remind: ‘Americans DON’T lose’

An uplifting social media thread sparked a series of powerful images and comments reminding Americans of some important things amid the coronavirus crisis. “Being American means something,” […]

Tucker waves red flag over dangerous Dem push to release prisoners early, reduce arrests amid COVID-19

Many of the same Democrat political leaders who’re rushing amid the coronavirus pandemic to restrict their law-abiding citizens’ right to move freely, run a business and earn […]

Tom Fitton warns Dems using pandemic to push unsecure vote-by-mail ‘free for all’

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton warned of efforts by the left to steal elections by pushing a vote-by-mail “free for all” amid concerns over the coronavirus. Fitton contended […]

Party’s over! Gov DeSantis announces crackdown on Fla beaches amid defiant spring breakers

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said bluntly Thursday morning on Fox News that “the party is over” for spring break revelers who’ve been crowding the state’s beaches during […]

Clueless celebs slammed for cringe video promoting world with no borders during pandemic

The stunningly privileged, wealthy and out-of-touch elitists who comprise Hollywood have reportedly sought to “lighten the mood” as the world burns by serenading America with a communist […]

‘Whatever happens, happens’: Defiant spring breakers scorched for still not getting the message

Shocking images of crowded Florida beaches sparked a backlash that intensified as defiant students refused to let the coronavirus pandemic ruin their Spring Break plans. In a […]

Rick Wilson can’t stop the hate, responds to Melania’s anti-virus mission: ‘Be infected’

Pretend Republican Rick Wilson, a Never Trump elitist who loves to sanctimoniously lecture others about their supposed lack of morals and principles, provided a perfect demonstration Wednesday […]

All hands on deck: Melania Trump to be featured in coronavirus PSA

First Lady Melania Trump has been recognized for her good works at the United States’ leading lady, but no task is currently more important than helping the […]

‘100% of patients’: Cautious optimism when readily used drug shows promising results with coronavirus

Early laboratory research is reportedly showing that an old malaria drug might be useful in combating the new coronavirus. A decades-old malaria drug called chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, has […]

Gordon Chang china coronavirus economy
China expert Gordon Chang warns: China’s Communist Party is trying to collapse the US economy

Attorney Gordon Chang, an internationally-recognized expert on China, warned that China’s Communist Party has launched an aggressive propaganda campaign aimed at crashing the American economy and blaming […]