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Unhinged Chrissy Teigen goes after ‘wifebot’ Melania Trump in vulgar unprovoked Twitter rant

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At a time when the American people need politicians and outspoken celebrities to come together and rally for the cause, given the hardships imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak, the left makes it clear they will go down with the ship rather than eschew their hatred for President Donald Trump.

An example of this assessment was seen when model Chrissy Teigen went on a — drunken? — Twitter rant, attacking first lady Melania Trump for not doing enough to meet the foul-mouthed liberal’s expectations.

(Such an attack on former first lady Michelle Obama, who was granted the status of a goddess, would have sent the hair-on-fire media into a meltdown seldom seen in this country.)

Proving that having plenty of money is a long way from having class, or any sense of decency, Teigen went off on the first lady Twitter, as she ranted at length throughout the evening Tuesday, like a sock puppet on a coke binge.

*Caution: Vile language

She is the chosen spokesperson for Genesis Luxury Cars & Sedans, along with husband John Legend — who she unabashedly admits she slept with on their first date.

Given the couples’ decidedly left political disposition, it’s an interesting choice by the luxury automaker to feature Teigen and Legend in the ad run during the Super Bowl, given that it risks alienating potential conservative customers.

Teigen seemed to acknowledge in a roundabout way she may have been inebriated.

She would also go after first daughter Ivanka Trump, who tweeted ideas about moms being home with kids due to the suggestion by officials that people avoid going out, in the hopes of limiting the spread of the coronavirus.

Typical of the left, Teigen would then rant to nobody in particular about people being “angry online all f*ckin day” — projecting her very own behavior on others.

It’s enough to make a friend — assuming she has any — want to do a welfare check on the model.


Yet, these are the people revered in pop culture and held up as role models by the elite media, who see them as useful tools to denigrate Trump.

This being a clear reflection of how low morals have sunken in post-Obama America.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter, see if you pick up on a theme:


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