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Ilhan Omar’s nasty response to Ivanka Trump’s tweet about coronavirus and her kids is out of line

(“The Late Show” video screenshot/U.S. State Department)

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Would it surprise you to learn that some left-wing Americans are too busy trashing the Trump administration over its justified treatment of illegals aliens to give a damn about the countless bonafide American citizens who’re having their lives turned upside down because of the coronavirus pandemic?

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a perfect example of this phenomenon. After President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, shared a photo to Twitter on Tuesday showing how she’s handling self-isolation, the Muslim congresswoman responded with a nasty tweet.


Her nasty tweet took aim at the child-separation policies that have been used to protect illegal alien children from dangerous traffickers and parents.

She wasn’t alone. Other left-wingers attacked the president’s daughter as well.

Look (*Language warning):

FYI, all the pictures shared by these hateful liberals were from the Obama administration. But remember, liberal Democrat feelings don’t care about your facts.

The unforgivably revolting irony is that these are the same liberal Democrats who’re cheering in glee as their legislators destroy the lives of countless Americans by shutting down businesses and shutting down public transportation.

For the wealthy, privileged liberal elitist, it doesn’t appear to matter if “Joe Schmoe” is unable to earn a living and make it to the grocery store to purchase goods with the little money left in his pocket. All that seems to matter is “me, me, me.”



Of course, the congresswoman has tried to deny the facts from day one, thus proving that she’s also a liar.

The final proof was delivered last week when she announced she’d married her longtime political aide and consultant, Tim Mynett.

This despite her having claimed for months — and despite bundles of contradicting evidence — that she wasn’t having an affair behind her original husband’s back with Mynett.

There’s a word for people like her, and it’s ‘hypocrite.’

Vivek Saxena


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