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Media cuts Trump quote in crucial spot to make him look like a monster, others mock task force fashion

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Another day, another opportunity for the liberal media to live up to its “fake news” moniker in reporting on President Donald Trump.

Several media outlets chose to misrepresent the president on Monday by only sharing part of his comments, leaving out a crucial part of a quote which made him appear to tell states to fend for themselves in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

(Image: ABC News screenshot)

The president was reportedly speaking to a group of governors on a conference call when he urged them to try to get needed medical supplies, such as respirators and ventilators, and not wait for the federal government which would still “be backing you.”

“Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Trump said, in a recording of the call which was shared with The New York Times. “We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.”

The Times noted that the governors were “surprised” by the suggestion and pointed out that last week, Trump had directed his labor secretary to make respirators more available to states needing the equipment. While the report indicated some governors were angry at “the administration’s slow response,” others saw the wisdom in the president’s directive.

“What he was saying,” Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida said, “was sensible,” noting that the president was essentially telling the state leaders was that if they could obtain the supplies directly themselves, they can “cut out the federal bureaucracy and potentially get it quicker.”

But liberal media outlets opted to run with their anti-Trump narrative, and left out part of the president’s comments in their reports. Several journalists chose not to include Trump’s promise to the governors that the federal government would be “backing” the states in their attempts to find and purchase the needed equipment.

“Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves” — was the extent of the reports and the message behind headlines as the reports painted the president as the bad guy, leaving the states to fend for themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Daily Beast’s headline read: “Trump to U.S. Governors: Get Your Own Ventilators,” while Political Wire reported: “Trump Tells Governors to Get Own Medical Equipment.”

Even a member of The New York Times editorial board — who infamously made headlines for an embarrassing math flub over Mike Bloomberg’s campaign — misrepresented the president, tweeting that he “told governors this morning they are on their own.”

Business Insider also presented a skewed headline, declaring:  “‘Try getting it yourselves’: Trump told governors they’re responsible for getting their own medical equipment to treat coronavirus patients.” Readers of Daily Kos were greeted by the headline claiming: “Trump to governors: You’re on your own in coronavirus crisis.”


Zach Parkinson, Deputy Director of Communications for the Trump campaign, noted in several tweets the “incredible contrast” between the full quote and what was being reported.

“Apparently deliberately misrepresenting what the President said on the call is a thing in the @nytimes newsroom today,” he added in another tweet calling out the journalists.

Parkinson kept the count going.

“And this is without even taking the full context of the call into account,” he added, concluding with nine times that the newspaper’s Twitter accounts “pushed the cut off quote.”

Others online soon began to see the same thing and slammed the biased, anti-Trump intentions of media outlets and personalities.

Members of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force were not immune from media smears either, as they were actually mocked for their physical appearance during a press briefing.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Health Department Assistant Secretary Brett Giroir as well as Dr. Deborah Birx were the target of Politico columnist Jack Schafer’s ridicule Monday as he tweeted out his disparaging comments about their attire.

“Deborah Birx’s outfit makes her look like the cult leader,” he added in another tweet.

Shafer was deservedly slammed on Twitter for his insults.

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