Irate passenger smacks female attendant across the face after allegedly spitting on her in insane video

A wild video captured an extremely angry passenger reportedly aboard a Brussels Airlines flight who attacked a flight attendant after a heated argument. The irate man was […]

It’s on! China kicks out American journos, after Trump admin limits Chinese media employees

British Broadcasting Corporation’s China correspondent, Stephen McDonnell, said in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon that China will be expelling American journalists from the country. “Wow! All #US […]

Woman captures moment Illinois TV station mistakenly airs Biden victory day before primary election

An Illinois television station surprised viewers on Monday by airing election results in the state’s primary one day before it even took place. A now-viral video showed Illinois […]

Guatemala’s ban on arrivals from U.S. not stopping ICE deportation flights

Jason Hopkins, DCNF The Guatemalan government’s ban on incoming arrivals from the United States, an action taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, is having no […]

Gov Cuomo does 180 turn, thanks Trump for ‘doing everything they can do’ in response to coronavirus

President Donald Trump fired back at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo again for his recent remarks on nationalizing the response to the coronavirus crisis. Trump admonished the […]

‘We’re going big’: Trump, Mnuchin announce huge economic response, tell Americans, we’re ‘sending checks’

President Trump is reportedly pursuing a massive $850 billion economic stimulus package and the president announced Tuesday in response to the crippling impact the coronavirus is having on […]

‘This is inexcusable’: Crowded Florida beach amid coronavirus restrictions draws fierce reaction

Beachgoers of all ages were out in force in Florida on Monday at Clearwater Beach, despite the coronavirus outbreak. Much to the chagrin of many. Officials are […]

Tucker Carlson breaks down Mitt Romney’s ‘well meaning, but foolish’ $1,000 giveaway plan

Tucker Carlson may not have realized it, but his take on Sen. Mitt Romney’s proposal to gift every American $1,000 was an accurate description of the senator […]

Devin Nunes fires back at ‘media freaks’ hyperventilating over his comments to support local biz

Rep. Devin Nunes fired back at media critics and accused them of “endangering lives” by creating panic over the coronavirus pandemic. The California Republican responded on “Hannity” […]

Former WH doc: Trump’s quick instincts, top-notch team likely to save US from outbreak like Italy, Iran

A former White House physician came to the defense of President Donald Trump and praised his efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Ronny Jackson pushed […]

Twitter nixes Sheriff Clarke’s coronavirus tweets, but leaves Chinese official’s tweet blaming US for outbreak

Chris White, DCNF Twitter removed tweets from Sheriff David Clarke that mention coronavirus, yet the company has still not taken action against a Chinese official’s tweet suggesting […]

Tennessee brothers donate stockpiled hand sanitizers, still not ‘off the hook’ legally

Ah, the perils of trying to capitalize on a pandemic. Two Tennessee brothers who stockpiled nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer in the quest to sell the […]

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