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Hindu group hosts cow urine drinking party to ward off COVID19 – what could go wrong?

(Photo by Yawar Nazir/Getty Images)

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” the old saying goes.

But what do you have to consume to protect yourself from coronavirus? According to one Hindu group in India, the answer is simple – a tall glass of cow urine.

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (All India Hindu Union) will be hosting a cow urine drinking party to test their belief that the golden substance will help protect their bodies against the pandemic known as COVID-19. Because their religion says that cows are sacred, their urine is alleged to have medicinal properties.

“We have been drinking cow urine for 21 years, we also take bath in cow dung. We have never felt the need to consume English medicine,” said Om Prakash, one of the pee party attendees.

It’s not just some small, no-name group that is pushing this idea either. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party is pushing the idea that cow urine can be used to treat and even cure diseases from coronavirus to cancer.

Medical experts do not agree with this particular method and further disagree with the assertion that cow urine holds medicinal effects. As such, they don’t recommend consuming the substance.


But if cow urine is too wild a proposition, perhaps a nice “anti-coronavirus mattress” would help ease fears.

Unfortunately, as of right now there is no known cure or vaccine for coronavirus, and according to Reuters it has infected a suspected 138,000 and left 5,000 dead. While cow excrement may not stop the spread of the pathogen, basic hygiene such as washing your hands frequently, sneezing into your elbow (not your hand,) and not touching your face unnecessarily will significantly lower your chances of contracting the virus.

Another thing that likely won’t help protect you from the virus is beating people up over toilet paper, which is a scene that has become all too common since it was announced that COVID-19 had arrived on American shores.

Perhaps if everyone had the same attitude as the Italian nonna who gently and humorously shared tips on how to keep yourself safe from the quickly-spreading illness, there wouldn’t be so much panic and misplaced anger.

Don’t forget to wink and wash your hands!


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