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GOP’s ‘anti-AOC’ candidate rattles Dems: ‘They can’t fathom that a young Latina could be a Republican’

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A young Republican candidate billed as the “anti-AOC” called out the mainstream media that “carries water” for House Democrats and “can’t fathom” how she could be a Trump supporter.

Catalina Lauf, who launched her campaign for office in Illinois’ 14th District last year, spoke with Fox News’ “Media Angle” about her plan to help modernize the face of the GOP while providing a strong voice against the progressive left.

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The 25-year-old has set her sights on winning the state’s Republican primary on Tuesday and then following up by defeating Rep. Lauren Underwood, who was elected in the 2018 midterms as part of the “blue wave” of Democrats who overturned the GOP majority in the House of Representatives.

The daughter of a Guatemalan immigrant mother and a father who is a small business owner, Lauf previously worked in the Trump administration in the Department of Commerce and is focusing on unity and the future in her campaign. But while the media gushed over the diverse female candidates in 2018, like New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Lauf noted that there is a double standard when it comes to GOP candidates.

“The mainstream media does a great job at carrying water for Nancy Pelosi and AOC. The far-left supports females and diversity so long as your beliefs align with their agenda,” she told “Media Angle.”

“They can’t fathom that a young Latina could be a Republican. That’s part of why I’m running–to show that conservatives are diverse and can come from all walks of life regardless of gender, skin color or creed,” she said.

Lauf explained that she was “quickly branded as the ‘Conservative Answer to AOC” after her campaign launch video went viral with its message of patriotism and  standing up to the “Squad.”

“Since then, we’ve seen overwhelming support from both local and national grassroots supporters and media outlets,” she said.

But she thinks the media coverage of Trump is “frankly, sad.”

“Since day one of announcing his candidacy for president, the left-wing media has completely lacked objectivity, misreported information, and further fueled division in this country. As the president says, it’s fake news,” she said, noting how she saw first-hand all of the great work being done by the administration but “none of it was reported fairly.”

“Now as a candidate talking to voters on both sides of the aisle, I hear the level of distrust in the media because they can never say anything positive about Trump’s presidency,” she said, contending that the media “is more focused on sensationalist headlines than real facts.”

“Can you imagine if Donald Trump was a Democrat? The media would have a much different tune,” Lauf said, pointing to the “gross double standard.”

In a recent interview on Fox News, Lauf argued that “America First” patriotism needs to be returned to districts like hers that supported Trump in 2016.

(Source: Fox News)

Speaking with “Media Angle,” Lauf condemned the “childish and unproductive” cancel culture behavior and political correctness on both sides of the aisle, saying “people should not be losing friends or family members over politics.”

“How are we supposed to find common ground and look past politics when for example if you support the president, you get judged so much that you can’t even openly say it?” she asked.

“Or, you don’t even feel safe walking to your car if you wear your support for the president. It’s ok to disagree and stand firm on your values, but far-left Democrats like AOC and the squad promote the politics of division. They fuel fires based on victimhood and radical conversation, all to push their agenda,” Lauf said.

“United we stand, divided we fall, and I hope to inspire others of my generation and the next generation to come together to persevere what makes our country great,” she asserted. “Elected members of Congress should lead by example, not fan the flames of division.”

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