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Author Stephen King smugly notes Trump’s task force is all old white males. Only, it’s NOT.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

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Author Stephen King’s blatant identity politics in an attempt to smear President Donald Trump backfired when he realized things were not what he claimed they were.

King was deservedly mocked on social media after his failed jab at Trump’s “all male” coronavirus task force during a press conference on Friday.

The president officially declared a national emergency on Friday, speaking to reporters from the White House’s Rose Garden along with his team of professionals leading the effort to handle the administration response to the pandemic.

But King, an outspoken critic of the president, was not happy with the lineup behind Trump.

The novelist apparently needed glasses as he missed Dr. Deborah Birx.

His attempt to breeze past the glaring error only seemed to call more attention to his failed attempt to be “woke.”

That “lady with the shawl” standing directly behind the president was once appointed by former President Barack Obama to lead the government’s fight against AIDS and is now serving as the coronavirus response coordinator in the White House.

(Image: Time screenshot)

King was immediately mocked on Twitter for his take.

Many pointed out that King was not just wrong about Birx, but other members of the administration’s team.

Earlier in the week, King had slammed fear-mongers for comparing the disease to his postapocalyptic novel, “The Stand,” and urged everyone to “keep calm” in a tweet.

But his haste to take a shot at Trump for his coronavirus team only proved to be a rake-stepping moment for himself.

Frieda Powers


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