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Biden seizes on coronavirus crises to slam Trump, makes ‘presidential’ speech, releases ‘plan’

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The day after President Trump addressed the nation about swift action being taken to combat the coronavirus, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appeared to try and hijack the presidency with his own hyped speech and plan to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

He boldly posted on Twitter that, “At this moment — when there is so much fear in the country and all across the world — we need American leadership. We need presidential leadership.”

During his speech, Biden regurgitated many commonsense measures already being urged, repeatedly, by health officials and the actual President Donald Trump.

“This is going to require a national, a national response,” Biden said.

He laid out the ‘radical changes” that need to be taken by society. “More frequent handwashing, staying home from work if you’re ill, but also altering deeply ingrained habits like handshaking and hugs.”

In his political maneuver that was thinly disguised as a statement of concern, Biden took predictable swipes at Trump.

“Unfortunately, this virus may bear the severe shortcomings of the current administration,” he said. “This administration is not willfully prepared for the exact crisis that we now face.”

“Our government’s ability to respond effectively have been undermined by our agencies and disparagement of science. By the damage that Trump has done to our credibility and the relationships around the world.”

The Biden team wasted no time promoting its own “plan.”

The Trump team was quick to remind of Biden’s condemnation of early travel restrictions placed against China by the Trump administration. A bold move, that many medical experts believe staved off an immediate and greater spread of the worldwide virus.

Biden has long been a defender of the communist nation, and his family has been under fire for shady self-dealing with China.

In 2009 the world saw an arguably much more frightening pandemic while Biden served as Obama’s VP. But there was little panic comparably thanks to a complicit media.

But just like that, the left gobbled it up.

While the left praised Biden for his stolen and opportunistic moment, others who saw through the charade let him have it.

Even Biden’s ‘plan’ is phony, according to the Trump campaign’s rapid response director:


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