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Boaters for Trump is a hot thing! South Florida boaters make waves for POTUS

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If the turnout at his rallies wasn’t enough of an indication of the enthusiasm that President Trump enjoys from supporters, the votes being cast for the president in various primary states would suggest as much.

Though more localized, another indication would be a “Trump Flotilla 2020” seen in South Florida.

Boaters participated in a parade in support of the president over the weekend in the Hillsboro Beach Intracoastal waterway, located about 30 miles south of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, as seen in a video shared on Facebook.


This is the Best!!!!

Posted by Boaters For Trump South Florida on Sunday, March 8, 2020


As seen in one photo, the “Boaters for Trump” turnout was quite impressive:


In another photo, it was noted that the president’s eldest son and namesake, Donald Trump Jr., shared some of the photos taken in an Instragam Story he shared.

There were also videos and photos shared on Twitter:

As seen in a YouTube video, there were some nice size vessels in the parade that are sure to draw criticism from the left about income disparity.

What the video confirms is that Trump has enthusiastic support from all corners of American society.

President Trump’s son Eric shared the primary numbers out of Michigan on Tuesday, which suggest a strong wave of energy for the president.

“With 99% reporting in Michigan, @realDonaldTrump has 637,000+ votes, absolutely crushing previous Republican and Democrat incumbents… By comparison Obama had 174k votes in 2012,” he tweeted.

A tweet from Republican National Committee spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington shows that support appears to be riding well above what was seen in 2016, as she shared numbers out of Missouri.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also tweeted on the results, comparing them to other presidents.

McDaniel tweeted: “With 100% Reporting in Missouri, @realDonaldTrump (299K) received over FOUR TIMES the number of votes President Obama (64K) received in 2012, and over DOUBLE the number of votes President Bush (117K) received in 2004. The enthusiasm is with Trump!”

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