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Only in San Francisco can a bearded guy bring a dead raccoon into McDonald’s and it’s all good

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Anything goes in San Francisco, including apparently dead raccoons.

A video that emerged on social media this Saturday shows an unidentified cameraman ranting at a bearded “crazy” man who’d brought the carcass of a raccoon into a San Francisco McDonald’s and then plopped it onto a table like it was just a phone.

Watch (*Extreme language warning):

“Only in San Francisco,” the profanity loving cameramen exclaimed during his rant.

He likely wasn’t wrong.

At the beginning of the clip, an employee or manager could be seen in the upper right-hand corner briefly speaking to the “crazy” man as she pointed outside.

But about 30 seconds into the clip, she apparently gave up and returned to the back of the store. Welcome to San Francisco.

Naturally, this video has prompted a lot of jokes and commentary on social media from those Americans already keenly aware of how royally backwards San Francisco has become.


Most of the jokes and commentary were based on the factually accurate premise that San Francisco is a radicalized city whose laws are completely anathema to common sense and logic.

“In today’s San Francisco, there’s a car break-in every 20 minutes. Public urination has gotten so out of control that the city spent $20 million to build open-air urinals in different parks — an effort that still hasn’t reduced the amount of human feces, urine, and vomit that can be found on the streets at any given time,” Kaylee McGhee of the Washington Examiner noted last November.

Instead of striving to eliminate public defecation, substance abuse, and crime, the city has effectively embraced these negative behaviors by choosing to do virtually nothing about them out of a concern for political correctness:

When confronted during the summer of 2018 about the growing problem of the homeless pooping everywhere,  San Francisco Mayor London Breed refused to call for penalties/punishment, choosing instead to beg social workers to talk to their “clients.”

“When asked by KNTV if her plan calls for stronger penalties against those who litter or defecate in public, Breed said ‘I didn’t express anything about a penalty,'” the Orange County Register reported at the time.

“Rather, the mayor said she has encouraged nonprofits ‘to talk to their clients, who, unfortunately, were mostly responsible for the conditions of our streets.'”

And there it is. Breed’s left-wing worldview forbids her for blaming individuals for their individual misbehavior, especially if the individuals are part of so-called “marginalized” communities. Thus those guilty of misbehavior are treated with kid gloves.

Such will likely be the case for the “crazy” raccoon guy as well. It’s not his fault that he brought the carcass of a raccoon into McDonald’s, local authorities will probably argue when considering whether to arrest him. It’s society’s fault.

But you’re mistaken if you think this misguided approach toward misbehavior affects only San Francisco. It affects every major liberal city or state.

And the ones paying the price for this insanity are the normal, everyday citizens who’re just trying to grab a bite to eat or just trying to run their business.

Citizens like Elizabeth Novak, a former Sacramento woman who was forced to close her salon and relocate from Sacramento last year because of harassment from the homeless.

Listen to her history below:

While it’s unclear how the situation at the McDonald’s in San Francisco was ultimately resolved, chances are the perpetrator’s still on the streets — and that ain’t the last time that he’ll be caught bringing dead raccoons into public spaces. You can count on it.

Vivek Saxena


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