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Tulsi Gabbard calls on Biden, Sanders to demand DNC allow her on Arizona debate stage

Screen capture … Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on the Democrats’ Nov. 20 debate stage … Credit: MSNBC

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is one of three remaining Democrats in the 2020 presidential race, and she has urged former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the two leaders in the race for the nomination, to support her efforts to be allowed to participate in the party’s March 15 debate. After she won two delegates on Super Tuesday and apparently qualified for the next debate, the DNC changed the rules, raising the bar to where Gabbard will be excluded.

Gabbard challenged the two frontrunners to “stand up for what is right” in her fight against the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC’s) arbitrary and obvious rules change aimed at keeping her down. She also called out the DNC in her tweets for having recently altered the rules as they genuflected to billionaire Michael Bloomberg to get him onto the debate stage in February.

Friday night and into Saturday, the hashtag #LetTulsiDebate was trending on Twitter.

The DNC has had a serious loathing for the outspoken Gabbard going back at least to the point when she challenged the party’s shady selection of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and she called for the complete overhaul of the Democrat party after throwing her support behind Sanders in 2016 rather than backing Clinton.

Hard feelings on the left do not go away with time. In October 2019, as Gabbard was getting her presidential campaign rolling, Clinton claimed the congresswoman from Hawaii was a “Russian asset” throwing a wrench into her prospects and resulting in Gabbard filing a $50-million defamation lawsuit against Clinton in January of this year.

It didn’t help Gabbard’s position in the corrupt party of the left to have not voted for the sham impeachment in December in the House of Representatives, a move that drew praise from President Trump.

As far as the Democrat establishment goes, apparently Gabbard is officially shunned and is a non-entity. Democrats and the leftist media are in fact actively promoting the falsehood that there are no remaining women in the presidential race. As just one example–former candidate Sen. Kamala Harris told reporters, “There are no women currently in this race.”

Gabbard hasn’t been in a Democrat debate since November. She was also excluded from CNN’s town hall series, which Deval Patrick was invited to participate in despite having lower poll numbers than the Hawaiian representative.

Gabbard, a Hawaii Army National Guard major, may be purposely invisible to the Dems’ controlling elites, but conscientious voters are not about to let the issue fade away unnoticed.

Victor Rantala


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