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Journalist quotes Biden gaffe, gets hit with temporary suspension from Twitter for it

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Jordan Chariton, the founder of progressive independent news organization Status Coup, found himself on Twitter’s bad side for allegedly “posting misleading information about voting” by simply tweeting a quote from 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Beto, Pete, and Amy all falling in line behind Joe Biden. Meanwhile Joe Biden tells voters to get out and vote on Super Thursday. Titanic meet iceberg,” the offending post reads.

“You may not post content providing false information about voting or registering to vote,” warns the Twitter suspension notice.

The issue? Biden’s gaffe mistakenly misnamed “Super Tuesday” as “Super Thursday.” This prompted the Twitter algorithm regarding misinformation about voting to target Chariton’s tweet, regardless of the fact that it is a quote from a Democrat who is currently running for President.

Watch the video:

Chariton filmed a video response to the temporary suspension in which it is clear he is in disbelief about the whole situation and implied that perhaps the Biden campaign had something to do with getting his tweet flagged.

“Twitter has suspended me for the crime of quoting ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden,” he chortles. “I can’t make this up. ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden who a week ago said ‘I’m Joe Biden, I’m running for the United States Senate.’ ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden who does not know where he is a lot of the time. ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden who is having trouble getting through full sentences.”


“It’s puzzling that my Twitter account was singled out for tweeting out an accurate quote of Joe Biden’s own words when dozens of other accounts who did so were untouched,” said Chariton in a statement to Fox News. “It indicates that this is not Twitter’s algorithm making an error but individuals at Twitter manually censoring journalists after an unflattering tweet about an establishment politician gets traction.”

But a mere 5 hours into his 12-hour sentence, Chariton’s temporary suspension was lifted. The avid Bernie Sanders fan credited swift social media backlash for his early release.

The liberal media man wasted no time smacking back at Twitter for attempting to silence independent journalists who actually report the facts.

In a bizarre statement that seems to lack self-awareness, Chariton also explained that his favored candidate, Bernie Sanders, supports additional regulations on the tech industry. Perhaps he believes that more government regulations equal more freedom?

“Remember, Bernie Sanders has called for tighter regulation on the tech industry. It is in Twitter and YouTube and Facebook’s business interests to maintain the status quo,” he explained.

It is unclear whether these proposed regulations will protect all independent journalists or just those of a certain political flavor.


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