‘He’s the best we got’: Biden supporters admit his mental fitness worries them

Joe Biden gaffes senile
Joe Biden supporters admit that they’re terrified by his cluelessness and nonstop gaffes. (screenshot)

Many of Joe Biden’s own supporters admit that they’re worried about his deteriorating mental acuity and unending stream of gaffes but still support him because he’s the best choice among a motley crew of lackluster Democrat candidates.

Author Raymond Arroyo, a Fox News contributor, interviewed Biden supporters at a recent rally, where he asked: “There are a lot of stories emerging about the mental acuity of Joe Biden — people worried about his recall and slippage of facts. Does that concern you in a debate situation?”

Many voters said it did concern them. One man said: “I wish he was younger, but he’s the best we got.”

Another man countered: “I am concerned about it as far as the debate performance with going up against Trump. But I’ll take that any day of the week compared to the vile man that sits in the White House right now.”

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Two women both expressed alarm about Joe’s constant state of confusion. Not only does Biden often forget what state he’s in when he’s on the stump, but he doesn’t remember basic facts when he talks.

One woman said: “Absolutely, it’s very concerning. When he is getting softballs thrown at him and he can’t answer the question [it’s scary].”

Another woman chimed in: “It’s one of the reasons why I could not vote with my conscience for Joe Biden. I don’t want to have to worry about mental issues. We already have mental issues in the White House.”

While many Democrats constantly mock President Trump for some of his awkward statements, he actually notched a perfect score on a mental-fitness test that screens for memory loss and early dementia.

Specifically, Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA) test, which screens for mental impairment symptoms that precede dementia.

President Trump took the test in 2018 to shut the media up amid its constant smears that he was not mentally fit for office because of his age.

However, the Democrats and their media minions have not raised the issue of age as much recently, since Trump is younger then all the geriatric Democratic frontrunners. Here’s a breakdown by age:

  • Donald Trump: 73
  • Bernie Sanders: 78
  • Mike Bloomberg: 78
  • Joe Biden: 77.

Barack Obama’s former doctor says Biden is “not healthy” and is at risk for suffering deadly strokes.

Meanwhile, many Biden supporters say they would “never support” Bernie if he became the Democrat nominee.

One man said: “I will never support Bernie Sanders. He’s too old and he’s too far-left.”

Veteran pollster John Zogby (a Democrat) warned that many Dems will not vote for socialist Bernie if he wins the nomination because he’s too radical.

“I don’t think they’ll vote for Trump, but I don’t think they’ll show up to vote,” Zogby said on The Ingraham Angle. “There is a fundamental problem of disunity within the party between the left and the center. Let’s not underestimate Joe Biden, however.”

(Source: Ingraham Angle)

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