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Gorka shuns Infowars ‘kooks’ in no uncertain terms at CPAC, dust-up gives rise to furious Alex Jones

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Former Trump White House aide Sebastian Gorka got into a row with the merry Infowars gang over the weekend at CPAC 2020.

Rocking a black MAGA hat and on crutches, he was approached by Harrison Smith, who apparently had InfoWars credentials, and Gorka was not overly receptive.

“Go away, alright,” he tells Smith in no uncertain terms. “You guys are kooks. You’re crazy kooks and conspiracy theorists.”

Smith asked whether they should be allowed to be at the annual event.

“This is for real conservatives, ” Gorka replied, before walking away. “Not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists like you.”

Smith would then address the camera to say that his cabal “are largely the ones who got Trump elected,” suggesting that Gorka was “riding our coattails.”

But the dust-up didn’t end there.

Gorka responded to another Infowars disciple, Owen Shroyer, seemingly being asked to leave CPAC.

“Shouldn’t have been let in to begin with,” Gorka tweeted. “InfoWars are loons and media whores who undermine their Conservative movement.”

Shroyer lives up — or should we say down — to the billing in the accompanying clip that can be seen below:


In a follow up to the controversy over the earlier tweet, Gorka added more context.

“Guys you need to read tweets more closely,” he tweeted. “For the record: Free Speech is Number One for a reason. But .@infowars and @allidoisowen are conspiracy theorist kooks who undermine MAGA. And people like @NickJFuentes & anyone else who denies the Holocaust are NOT Conservatives.”

The problem with engaging with the InfoWars gang is that they get what they were after all along – notoriety.

Well, that and the chance to respond, as did Infowars chief conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, as Gorka would learn that when you start throwing mud, everyone gets dirty.

The interesting part of the story is that Alex Jones is persona non grata in the media world, UNLESS he can be a useful tool to denigrate President Trump, which is pretty much the desired goal in criticizing Gorka.

Jones would challenge his antagonist to a “charity bare-knuckle boxing match.”

“That Gorka‘s a big guy,” he said. “I challenge him to a charity bare-knuckle boxing match, it’ll raise — I’m serious. They’ll have it in Vegas. I will get in that ring and I will beat his brains out.”

“Just sign the form you — big, fat, tough guy and I will smash your head in,” Jones added.

But that was the least of his inane rantings, as he called Gorka a “snake oil salesman” — so much for originality — and a “gay whale.”

(For the record, Gorka is married to wife Katherine, and has two children.)

Jones proceeds to mock gay people, saying Gorka acts “like a flamer — nothing against flamers.”

The “effeminate” mannerism he derogatorily speaks of being Gorka’s refined United Kingdom upbringing.

Such homophobic rhetoric would typically be shunned, but oddly, certain media outlets were only too eager to distribute it.

Tom Tillison


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