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Leftists demand MSNBC fire Chris Matthews after he challenges Warren on Bloomberg accusations

(MSNBC video screenshot)

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A radical group of feminists who believe “trans women are women” have begun pining for MSNBC host Chris Matthews’ scalp over his willingness to hit Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren with some tough questions.

“Matthews’ refusal to believe women, and history of sexual harassment, make it clear that he is not fit to continue to cover this election. MSNBC can and must do better, and they can start by firing Chris Matthews,” UltraViolet president Shaunna Thomas tweeted early Wednesday morning in a thread about Matthews.


Speaking with Warren following the tenth Democrat presidential primary debate in South Carolina the night before, the host questioned the senator about some of the lurid accusations she’d made about candidate Michael Bloomberg’s past.

During the debate, she specifically claimed that Bloomberg had once told a female employee who was pregnant to “kill it,” i.e., get an abortion.

Watch (disable your adblocker if the video doesn’t appear):

“Do you believe that the former mayor of New York said that to a pregnant employee?” Matthews asked the senator after the debate concluded.

“Well, a pregnant employee sure said that he did,” the senator replied. “Why shouldn’t I believe her? You know, I’m just really tired of this world. This one is personal for me. It really is. Look, pregnancy discrimination is real.”

To answer her question, one shouldn’t necessarily “believe her” because sometimes women lie — a fact that Warren, of all people, should already know.

“But you believe that he’s that type of person who did that?” Matthews then pressed.

“We have gone on and on and on where people say, ‘I can’t really believe the woman,'” Warren responded. “Really? Why not? Mayor Bloomberg has nondisclosure agreements for who knows how many women. And it’s not just the one.”

“The whole point is how can you actually trust someone who will not just say, ‘Look, I’m going to waive on nondisclosure on sexual harassment and discrimination. Anybody who has a story to tell can come tell their story.'”

“I agree that everybody deserves a credible response when they make a charge like that,” the host replied. “My question about him — do you believe he’s lying?”

Warren responded by saying, “I believe the woman,” so Matthews then asked her why Bloomberg would lie.

“Because just to protect himself?” he inquired.

“Yeah, and why would she lie?” Warren responded, growing increasingly frustrated. “I mean that’s the question, Chris. Why do you assume that he’s the guy …”

“I just want to make sure you’re clear about this. You’re confident of your accusation?” Matthews interjected.

“Look, all I know is what she said and what he said,” Warren responded. “And I’ve been on her end of it in the sense of discrimination based on pregnancy. It happens all across this country, and men all across this country say, ‘Oh my gosh, he never would have said that.'”

Listen to the whole discussion below:

To answer Warren’s question again, the fact is that some women lie, including her. Take her claim of having experienced pregnancy discrimination. That’s a blatant lie. In fact, it’s one of dozens of lies she’s told over the past couple of years alone.

Note also that she neglected both during and after the debate to provide additional context about Bloomberg’s alleged “kill it” statement.

This allegation was made by an employee of Bloomberg L.L.P. in a 1997 lawsuit that was eventually settled with no admission of guilt,” The New York Times reported in a fact-check.

“Mr. Bloomberg has denied making the remark over the years, including at the debate. His aides said in 2001 that he had passed a lie-detector test, but the results were not released.”

Given all the factors – including Warren’s own history of lying, Warren’s own history of making false accusations and the actual details of the suit against Bloomberg — it seemed fair to some for Matthews to grill her about her claims.

But to others, particularly those affiliated with UltraViolet and its offshoots and allies, the questions by Matthews were simply beyond the pale.

View the backlash below:

This new “scandal” comes amid the scandal already brewing over Matthews’ recent remarks about front-runner candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ success in Nevada. Those remarks were also used to call for his firing from MSNBC.

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