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Media fawned over Obama’s 2010 India trip with 20 times more coverage than Trump’s

Obama India trip 20 times more coverage than Trump
Former president Barack Obama received fawning media coverage during his two terms. It’s a stark contrast to the vicious, nonstop attacks the press levels against President Donald Trump. (screenshots)

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President Trump’s state visit to India this week received less than 25 seconds of coverage on network news channels ABC, CBS, and NBC. And that’s despite the rock-star reception Trump received from enthusiastic Indians, many of whom are huge fans of the billionaire mogul.

In contrast, former president Barack Obama’s 2010 India trip scored 20 times more coverage (averaging 18.5 minutes) on the major networks. NewsBusters uncovered the laughably disparate treatments of the two presidents:

“Each of the evening newscasts allocated just a single news brief to Trump’s trip, all on February 24 (the first day of the visit).

NBC and ABC spent a paltry 13 and 15 seconds, respectively, on the Presidential excursion. While CBS’s report lasted just 23 seconds, it was the only one even to mention the President’s trade negotiations — albeit with a single sentence.

By contrast, all three networks ran at least one full-length report during President Obama’s November 6-8 trip in 2010, taking up a combined 18.5 minutes of airtimeUnsurprisingly, the tone of the 2010 coverage was predominantly positive.

ABC and NBC found Obama’s time in India so compelling that both networks led off two consecutive evening broadcasts with the story. These reports included details such as the purpose of the visit and updates about what the President had accomplished — none of which was present in their coverage of Trump’s visit.”

Compare: Obama in India (2010) versus Trump in India (2020). More than 100,000 people packed a stadium to welcome Trump to India.

(Source: Jewish Deplorable)

By now, everyone is well-aware of the mainstream media’s left-wing bias and anti-Trump animus. Just as the media spent eight years idolizing Obama, they spend every moment of the day attacking President Trump.

Last month, when Trump signed the historic USMCA (the United States-Mexico-Canada) trade agreement, network news coverage by ABC, NBC and CBS totaled ZERO MINUTES.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney torched the Democrats and the media for gloating over the “partisan, spiteful impeachment” instead of acknowledging the victories President Trump has scored on behalf of the American people.

A recent study showed that network news coverage of Trump by ABC News, CBS, and NBC has been 93% negative. That’s a stark contrast to the media’s boot-licking of Obama during his tenure.

 obama magazine covers god of all things messiah
The media repeatedly gushed that Barack Obama was god-like on its numerous messianic covers. These are the same people who constantly trash Fox News for presenting an alternative perspective. (screenshots)

Despite their nonstop negative coverage, some media outlets think they should be even harsher on President Trump.

This week, a Washington Post blogger exhorted all her colleagues in the media to double-down on their attacks on Trump and to push anti-Trump opinion pieces as “objective news.”

trump media bias newsweek
Time magazine and Newsweek obsessively attack President Trump. (screenshot)

Washington Post “media columnist” Margaret Sullivan urged all reporters to “abandon neutrality” when covering President Trump.

She further exhorted her media colleagues to disregard their own readers’ repeated requests to provide “just the facts” and to insert their anti-Trump bias into their news coverage.

Apparently, Sullivan believes that Americans are too dumb to make their own judgments, so they need to have the “right” opinions rammed down their throats.

Obama Time magazine covers
Time magazine’s gushing covers of Barack Obama were comical in their over-the-top adulation. (screenshot)

Legendary broadcast journalist Ted Koppel — a liberal — blasted CNN and MSNBC for their nonstop negative coverage of Trump, saying their ratings would tank without him.

“You can’t do without Donald Trump!” Koppel told CNN’s Brian Stelter. “You would be lost without Donald Trump! CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.”

(Source: YouTube)

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