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Hillary cameo on the ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ float was the toast of Mardi Gras

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A byproduct of the alleged suicide of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been a bevy of “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes floating around social media.

The phrase has become so popular after the billionaire financier was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell that it could turn up just about anywhere, to include a Mardi Gras parade.

As seen in a video shared online, there was an ” Epstein didn’t kill himself” float in New Orleans.

The float depicts an “Epstein” character in an orange jumpsuit, while a woman behind him resembling Hillary Clinton holds something around his neck.


“I’m as innocent as OJ,” one side of the float reads — this being in reference to former NFL player OJ Simpson, who hired a dream team of lawyers to get him off of charges of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and a friend.

Despite the jury’s decision, most rational Americans consider him a double-murderer.

There were plenty of links between Epstein and Bill Clinton, including many photos of the former president posing with a young woman who said she was Epstein’s sex slave.

There have been swirling conspiracies about Epstein’s death, which was ruled a suicide by hanging by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office.

Forensic evidence showed unusual fractures in Epstein’s neck, which prompted lots of speculation. 60 Minutes investigated the circumstances of his death, obtaining photos of the cell taken after Epstein’s death and photos of the wealthy financier’s corpse and autopsy.

Here are a few other tweets on the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” float:

Turns out, there were other political floats, to include what was described as an “anti-Communist float” featuring Bernie Sanders.

There was also a not-so-complimentary float depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her two, ahem, articles of impeachment.


Here’s a quick sampling of the responses to the “Epstein” float from Twitter:

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