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Buttigieg’s own pastor brother-in-law sets record straight for candidate and his lectures on Christianity

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Pastor Rhyan Glezman, the brother-in-law of former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, set the record straight when it comes to who is pushing political ideas that are “clearly against Scripture.”

Buttigieg, a devout Episcopalian, was asked at a CNN town hall event in Nevada this week if someone can be a Christian and support President Donald Trump.

While the openly gay candidate said he didn’t feel it was right “to tell other Christians how to be Christians,” Buttigieg still got in a shot against Trump.

“I can’t find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything I find in Scripture,” Buttigieg said.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Glezman wasn’t impressed with his brother-in-law lecturing America on Christianity.


In setting up Glezman’s appearance, Carlson thoroughly dismantled Buttigeig, saying his campaign is “the first attempt to construct a presidential candidate using Legos.” He also noted that the Democrat was quick to “sermonize about his military record” to appeal to Mid-America.

“The height of intellectual dishonesty for Pete to make claims that there’s no compatibility with being a Christian and voting for Trump, which Pete, in fact, is the one who is pushing agendas and rhetoric that is clearly against Scripture,” Glezman said.

Citing the issue of partial-birth abortion, where Buttigieg wants to leave it up to the woman and her doctor to decide if the child lives or dies, Glezman cited Scripture to highlight the hypocrisy of that stance.

“I’m just in a state of lament when you hear that we have someone running for commander in chief who can’t make a moral decision on whether to keep a child after it’s already been born or to have it killed,” the pastor said. “What kind of moral suggestion is he going to be giving if he can’t come to an understanding of that. It’s alarming, it’s extreme.”

Carlson asked if this is consistent with Scripture.

“I encourage Pete, and everyone in America, to read Psalm 139:13-16, where God says in His word that every single person is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ in the image of God. Go to Jeremiah 1:5, where it talks about God knew us before we were ever in our mother’s womb,” Glezman replied.

“Jesus came to give life, not take life,” he said. “This is completely against the word of God, and it’s outlandish for someone like Pete to be pushing the pro-abortion anti-God rhetoric like he is on the campaign trail.”

In effect, Glezman suggested that Buttigieg was exploiting the word of God.

“I know he uses Scriptures over and over again on the campaign trail, because he knows the importance of the American people — of what the Founding Fathers found America on was Judeo-Christian values,” the pastor said.

Carlson closed the segment out by wishing Glezman luck at the Thanksgiving table next year, though it’s very unlikely he will be breaking bread with Buttigieg anytime soon.

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