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‘Dealbreaker’: Buttigieg admits government healthcare for illegals is ‘a pillar’ of his plan

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Of all of the progressive stances displayed during the 2020 presidential race, it can be argued that granting healthcare for illegal aliens is one of the furthest left.

This should come as no surprise, as BizPac Review reported in June 2019 that Buttigieg was one of those who raised his hands when asked whether their healthcare plans would cover “undocumented immigrants” within the United States.

Following the backlash, most candidates decided to be slightly less transparent with their support of the idea. Buttigieg, on the other hand, went on a CNN Town Hall on Tuesday night and declared that giving healthcare to those in America illegally would be “one of the pillars” of his plan.

“You’ve said undocumented immigrants should have been able to receive coverage under Obamacare,” began “Out Front” host Erin Burnett. “And you’ve addressed that in your plan. Now let’s just say you’re the president of the United States, you go to Congress, you’re trying to pass the bill. And that becomes the roadblock, that you’re just not able to get it through if you’re going to provide access to undocumented immigrants. Would you be willing to put that aside, or is that something you will not drop?”

Without missing a beat, Buttigieg launches into a pandering response that is sure to draw more criticism than praise from moderate undecided voters.


(Source: CNN)

“I’m going to fight to make sure that anybody can participate on this plan because if we are excluding people from the ability to get in on health insurance we are not just harming them, we’re punishing ourselves,” he explains. “We become a less healthy country. More people will be in emergency rooms because they can’t get the preventative treatment that they need up front, and more people will be sick.”

He goes on to promise that he will do everything within it power to make sure that illegal aliens will have access to insurance if he becomes President.

But that answer wasn’t quite satisfactory enough for Burnett, who pushed for more clarity.

“Is it fair to say, just to be clear, that health insurance for undocumented immigrants is a dealbreaker for you?” Burnett pushes.

“I can’t game out every amendment or poison pill or every change they’re going to try to make to bring the package together,” Buttigieg admitted. “What I will say is that that is one of the pillars of the plan as I see it.”

Twitter was quick to respond to his promises, and most people weren’t very happy.


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