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Sean Hannity writes his own headline, ‘rages in tweetstorm’ against CNN’s Brian Stelter

(Image: Fox News screenshot)

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Fox News host Sean Hannity torched CNN’s Brian Stelter in an explosive series of tweets over the fawning treatment of Michael Avenatti.

Hannity directed his outrage at the CNN host he calls “Humpty Dumpty” after a “Reliable Sources” segment seeming to express regret over the pedestal rolled out for the celebrity lawyer who was convicted for extortion last week.

(Image: CNN screenshot)

Predicting how the media would portray his comments, Hannity took aim and fired at Stelter Sunday.

The two have hurled insults before on Twitter but Hannity’s target this time was Stelter’s near adoration of Avenatti in the relentless quest to air anything and everything that would paint President Donald Trump in a negative light. Stelter frequently hosted the attorney who represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against the president and on Sunday, he spoke about the part he played during a segment on “Reliable Sources.”

“There’s a reason why crowds of thousands yell ‘CNN sucks.’ Because it DOES…,” Hannity tweeted, calling out Stelter for his “incredible” arrogance.

Hannity told the CNN host he was not a “news man” as he thought and that he has, along with his network, spent the last three years of Trump’s administration spreading “lies and conspiracy theories.”

He also slammed Stelter for attacks on himself before he listed the many stories the CNN host got wrong.

“Now, that being said, I want to encourage you to keep doing exactly what you’re doing because it is a spectacular failure,” Hannity continued.”Don’t change a thing, Humpty. Keep going with your low ratings.”

He concluded by linking to stories on Avenatti’s conviction and on Stelter’s past treatment of the Trump-hating lawyer with the caption, “HUMPTY DUMPTY!!”

CNN’s Oliver Darcy fired back at Hannity.

Pollster Frank Luntz called out Stelter’s spin on the Avenatti fan club, noting that the attorney made 108 combined appearances on CNN and MSNBC in just a two-month span of time.

“We need on-air mea culpas, not an email newsletter blaming it on Fox News,” Luntz tweeted.

“Perhaps CNN’s media reporters’ @BrianStelter and @OliverDarcy should interview their own bosses about why they continued to have @MichaelAvenatti on their network despite his behind-the-scenes behavior,” Luntz wrote in another tweet.

“Why don’t media reporters ever scrutinize their own networks’ practices?” he wondered.

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