Sean Hannity mingles at Biden rally and it’s a hoot

Fox News host Sean Hannity stepped into the lion’s den with an intentional visit to a campaign event for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Voters attending an event for the former vice president in New Hampshire seemed quite surprised to see the “Hannity” host making the rounds with microphone and camera in tow, and were brutally honest in sharing their opinions of him personally.

(Source: Fox News)

But unlike CNN’s Jim Acosta at Trump rallies, who has characterized the president’s supporters as hostile and anything but welcoming, Hannity interacted with voters and even joked with many as they assessed his show and even his looks.

“Earlier today, I decided to drop by a Joe Biden right event here in the great state of New Hampshire,” Hannity said near the end of his show Monday as he introduced the video.

The Fox News host was shown taking selfies with attendees, shaking hands and asking questions.

“You saw the tape of Joe Biden: You’re not getting a billion of our taxpayer dollars unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my son who has zero experience in energy that is being paid millions,” he said to one man, referring to the January 2018 video of Biden telling an audience how he threatened then-Ukraine President Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in loan guarantees if a prosecutor investigating the company his son worked for wasn’t fired.

“Do we have a problem with that?” Hannity asked the man at the New Hampshire event.

“I don’t like Trump,” was his reply.

One woman insisted, “I just think it’s nobody’s business, that’s just a diversion.”

“Other countries wanted him fired,” another voter said.

A woman confronted Hannity on what he was doing at a Biden event.

“I am doing my job, I do news,” he replied.

“Let me tell you one thing about you,” she said.

“You want to yell at me?” he asked.

“You look better in person than on TV,” she replied as Hannity joked to those around him, “Do you hear that?”

“Do you like my show a little bit?” he asked the woman who said she did not.

“I happen to catch you on my news feed,” she said when Hannity asked why she watched his show if she didn’t like him.

Liberal social media users were convinced the Trump-supporting Fox News host was there as a spy or because he is afraid to attend events supporting other Democratic 2020 contenders.

A group of people all chimed “fake news” as Hannity noted, “but you watch.”

“It’s not that I don’t watch it. I just don’t agree with anything,” a woman admitted.

In one exchange that seemed a bit more intense, a woman argued with the conservative commentator that she does not watch his show but has a problem with his characterization of the news.

“Tell me one thing that I have said that’s false,” Hannity said.

“It’s how you characterize it,” she replied as he insisted, “No no, you accused me, tell me one thing I have ever said that is false.”

“First of all, I don’t watch you,” she answered as the video moved on to another woman telling the radio and television host that he seemed “nicer in person.”

Earlier in Monday’s show, Hannity had blasted Biden for continually attacking the people he wants to vote for him, pointing out his recent “joke” with a college student in New Hampshire whom he called a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

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