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Buttigieg aides allegedly harassed leftist journos: ‘I never dealt with this’ at Trump rallies

Leftist journos harassed by Buttigieg, Black man singled out
Video journalist Jamal Jones says he may have been racially-profiled at a rally for Democrat Pete Buttigieg. (screenshot)

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Two left-wing journalists claim they were repeatedly harassed by Pete Buttigieg aides at a campaign rally. One — a black video journalist named Jamal Jones — even suggested that he was “singled out” because he’s black.

Jones’ colleague, Jordan Chariton, pointed out: “I’ve gone to Trump events and never had to deal with this!”

The debacle unfolded when Chariton — the founder of Status Coup — and his cameraman, Jamal Jones, attended a Buttigieg event in New Hampshire.

When they interviewed attendees in line outside the venue, Chariton says Buttigieg field staffer Julia Fiedler followed them around and “eavesdropped” on them.

When Chariton confronted Fiedler by saying, “You know, you’re not being subtle,” she snidely retorted, “I know.”

Inside the venue, Chariton — a Bernie Sanders supporter — said Buttigieg aides approached them and suggested that they had “snuck in.” Both Chariton and Jones had media credentials for the event.

One Buttigieg staffer even tore the name tag off Jamal Jones, saying: “I don’t think you’re supposed to have credentials.”

Chariton said the aides accused him and Jones of “disrupting” the rally. The staffer said: “I’m under the impression that you were disrupting people in line.”

Chariton replied: “By interview them? That’s disruption?”

Jamal Jones said he felt targeted because he’s black and even suggested that Buttigieg aides may have racially profiled him.

“I felt I was singled out,” Jones told Fox News. “I’m not sure whether it was because of the company I work for or the color of my skin. But I was definitely singled out because they didn’t do that to anyone else there.”

At that point, a senior Buttigieg aide came over and apologized on behalf of her staff.

Jordan Chariton shot back: “Did you know that one of your people came up to my cameraman and ripped his credential right off him? For a campaign that has issues with black people, to come up to my black cameraman and rip his thing off [is unacceptable].”

Chariton added that “I’ve gone to Trump events and never had to deal with this!” 

Buttigieg has been under fire for his poor track record with black voters during his dismal two-term tenure as the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg has tried to turn things around by pandering, but is still polling at 0% among black primary voters.

In contrast, three recent polls show that President Trump’s approval rating among black voters has quadrupled since he took office.

Buttigieg booed and shouted down by black voters: ‘Pete can’t be our president!’

Samantha Chang


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