Buttigieg wants to decriminalize possession of all drugs, including heroin and meth

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Somewhat remarkable, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said he would decriminalize all drugs, including heroin and meth.

The openly gay, 37-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Ind., appeared Sunday on “Fox News Sunday” to boldly tout his risky plan.

“The main thing we need to focus on is where you have distribution and the kind of harm that’s done there, where yeah, of course, it’s important that it remain illegal but — ” he began saying when asked about legalizing the highly dangerous drugs.

Fox News host Chris Wallace interrupted to tell Buttigieg that he said it should not be illegal.

“Possession,” the Democratic candidate clarified, “should not be dealt with through incarceration.”

The position was so outlandish, the Republican National Committee shared a clip of the segment online:


To recap, Buttigieg is saying possession of heroin and meth would be legal, but the distribution would not be legal.

Wallace pressed to ensure that Buttigieg was being understood correctly.

“You would say that possession of heroin is not illegal,” the Fox News host said, to make clear.

“Not going to be dealt with through incarceration,” Buttigieg replied, coming up just short on saying it would be legal, but stressing there would be no punitive action that involves jail.

Wallace noted that the candidate’s website says decriminalize it, prompting more doublespeak from Buttigieg.

“Yes,” he answered. “Or it could be a misdemeanor. The point is not the legal niceties, the point is we’ve learned through 40 years of a failed war on drugs that criminalizing addiction doesn’t work.”

“Not only that, the incarceration does more harm than the offense it’s intended to deal with,” he added.

Under criminal justice reform, Buttigieg’s website states: “On the federal level, eliminate incarceration for drug possession, reduce sentences for other drug offenses and apply these reductions retroactively, and legalize marijuana and expunge past convictions.”

Social media users saw the stance as yet another sign of how dismal the 2020 field of Democratic candidates actually is.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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