AOC gets her white boyfriend to explain how not to be racist and it’s ‘creepy as hell’ on so many levels

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is known for a lot of things (such as not understanding basic metaphors,) but one thing that always captures attention is her use of Instagram. Most recently, she used the platform to bash talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh — who has advanced-stage lung cancer — as a “virulent racist.”

In what appears to be an attempt to out-do herself, AOC took to her Instagram story on Friday with her boyfriend Riley Roberts to discuss racism; specifically to lecture white people on how to avoid being racist.

“So Riley, what has been helpful to you in combating racism?” AOC asks her beau.

“I think it’s helpful and important to talk to other white people about racism, and I think a lot of people, they don’t want to be racist,” Roberts responds, looking as though he’s trying to remember what he was supposed to say. “They don’t think that they’re racist, but they also don’t know some of the things they believe or say are and can be racist.”

His solution includes explaining to your friends why their “racist” opinions are “wrong,” though it should be noted that neither party really defined what constitutes a “racist opinion.” Roberts also noted that you shouldn’t explicitly to your fellow white person that they are a “racist” in the first conversation. They suggest having a “right vs. wrong” chat before talking about “racist vs. not racist vs. anti-racist” ideals.

“One of the effective ways is just to talk and kind of help teach them about why some of the things they believe or say or think are wrong — not necessarily racist — but that they’re wrong and that will sort of chip away and contribute to some development in this area but not necessarily take somebody from being a racist to not being a racist in one conversation,” he explained.


AOC then breaks in to explain that everyone needs to be “open” to acknowledging “racist things that we may have said or done without judgment or defensiveness.”

Naturally, Twitter had an awful lot to say about the video:

While Roberts doesn’t make a frequent appearance in his girlfriend’s politically-charged content — and she doesn’t speak about him very often — he made the news when a conservative group filed an ethics complaint against the couple. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation claimed that the AOC campaign “illegally funneled thousands of dollars through a PAC to her boyfriend Riley Roberts.” By reportedly labeling Roberts as a “staff” member of the campaign, despite allegations that he was never employed, he was able to receive over $1M from two PACs founded by Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s former top aide.

Perhaps this is why he prefers to stay out of the spotlight? Unless, of course, he’s pandering to race-obsessed leftists on behalf of his girlfriend.


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