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Dem tensions grow after MORE Iowa mishaps; Sanders leads ‘raw votes’ but Buttigieg predicted to win

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As of Thursday morning, two days after the formal conclusion of the Iowa caucus, the controversy over the election’s still-unconfirmed results persisted, with an even larger contingent of Americans wholly convinced that Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was being cheated out of a rightful victory.

Of course, Sanders himself was too busy attacking President Donald Trump to even notice that he was potentially being cheated …

Nevertheless, the first piece of evidence was the Iowa Democrat Party’s continued inability to tabulate the results of caucus. How hard could it possibly be, wondered the president’s son Eric Trump:

The second piece of evidence were reports that something fishy was afoot in Iowa’s Polk County and Blackhawk County.

In tweets posted Wednesday afternoon, Nate Cohn of The New York Times wrote that “it seems” as if locals in Polk County who voted for Sanders were being marked down as having voted for candidates Deval Patrick or Tom Steyer:

However, he later claimed the issue had been “remedied”:

Sanders’ campaign officials weren’t pleased nonetheless.

Bill Neidhardt, Sanders’ “Iowa deputy state director,” responded to the controversy by noting that Polk County is home to Des Moines, which boast a notable contingent of black, Hispanic and Muslim voters:

Reports also emerged of the same thing happening in Blackhawk County, where votes for Sanders being allocated to Patrick.

“Around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, the party sent out a tweet indicating a ‘minor correction was needed’ but did not elaborate what exactly that error was,” local station KWWL reported. “At roughly the same time, Black Hawk County Supervisor Chris Schwartz said delegates for Senator Bernie Sanders were incorrectly given to Deval Patrick.”

Schwartz’ tweet may be seen below:

This issue was also allegedly rectified, not that it did much to stem growing anger at the Iowa Democrat Party from those convinced the party was trying to rig the caucus against Sanders.


Concerns about Sanders being cheated out of a victory were further exacerbated by the fact that though he carried a majority of the popular vote, he was still losing to challenger Pete Buttigieg.

“In terms of raw votes, Sanders leads in by more than 2,500 votes in the final alignment of Iowa caucus-goers, after supporters of non-viable candidates had the chance to realign at their precincts on Monday night,” Politico confirmed early Thursday morning.

Yet Buttigieg still boasted a higher proportion of delegates, meaning that as of Thursday morning, he was still the expected (and in many cases preferred) winner of the Iowa caucus.

Meanwhile, Sanders’ volunteers had begun calling for other volunteers and campaign officials to be on the lookout for additional “discrepancies” and accusing the Iowa Democrat Party of purposefully stealing delegates from their candidate.


As for Sanders himself, instead of addressing the concerns about corruption by the Iowa Democrat Party, he’s been busy attacking the president:

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