Congressman with pocket of Trump cash tried to get Pelosi to auction off ripped SOTU speech for charity

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Missouri Rep. Billy Long, a 9-year congressional veteran known for his quirky personality, made headlines again during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address this Tuesday thanks to what he had stuffed in his suit’s breast pocket: cash.

Long became a sensation after the following clip of him enthusiastically giving the president a thumbs up — all as money was hanging out of his pocket — went viral on social media:

As the clip went viral, two distinct reactions began pouring in: Disgust from those offended by his quirky stunts and his appreciation for the president’s incontestable accomplishments, and laughter/praise from everybody else.

See examples of the first reaction below:

Here’s a little secret: The money in his pocket was fake.

Last year, he decided to produce (or have produced) a bunch of $45 bills with the president’s face on them. He revealed as much after the left began shrieking in rage over him being seen at the president’s impeachment hearings with cash in his pocket.

“Glad to see ⁦@reddit⁩ & ⁦@Twitter⁩ are all abuzz about my ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ $45 Bills!” he jokingly announced on Dec. 18. “Only bill I got passed last Congress, I got the 45th #POTUS put on the $45 Bill. Signed one for Justice Gors[u]ch at White House Ball & ⁦@TuckerCarlson⁩ tonight.#MAGA #KAG.”


He made the announcement after the following photo went viral:

In response to Long announcing via Twitter that he was just playing around, the perpetually angry left pounced with fury, accusing him of being a “sluglike creature” who’s accomplished nothing during his tenure in office and fat-shaming him.


One can only imagine how these same sorts of liberal Democrats would respond if Long were to one day announce that he’d been diagnosed with cancer …

Despite all the rage from the “Twitterati,” there have been some Americans who’ve enjoyed his harmless antics:

As for Long, he didn’t appear to take any offense to the hate. He did seem bothered, though, by House Speaker Pelosi’s own stunt, which involved ripping up her copy of the president’s SOTU address.

In tweets posted after the address concluded, he urged Pelosi to do something positive for once and auction off her ripped-up speech for charity:

Prior to joining Congress, Long was a veteran auctioneer who’d been inducted into both the National Auctioneers’ Association Hall of Fame and the Missouri Professional Auctioneers’ Association Hall of Fame

He first caught the public’s attention when he used his auctioneering skills to drown out a congressional protester two years ago.

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