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Biden faces off with prankster at Iowa event: ‘I’m beginning to see why your wife left you’

(NBC News video screenshot)

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Former Vice President Joe Biden, the front-runner in the 2020 presidential election, has got jokes, though whether his jokes are actually funny is for the public to decide.

As Biden tried to speak at a campaign event in Iowa this Saturday, a man interrupted him to ask a bizarre question.

“My wife recently left me,” the then-unidentified man said. “She’s divorcing me. What can I do to get her back? What advice would you give someone like me to get her back?”

“I’ll talk to you afterwards, OK? I’m happy to. I promise I’ll talk to you afterwards,” Biden promptly replied.

Unsatisfied with the former VP’s reply, the man continued pestering him, saying, “Could we just get this out right now?”

But even after a visibly agitated Biden offered an emphatic “no,” the man continued talking about his wife, prompting the former VP to drop the zinger heard below:


I’m beginning to see why your wife left you,” he jokingly said, to which the audience members (sans the unidentified man) responded to by bursting into laughter and applause. “Come on, man!”

“Sir, I promise you I’ll spend time with you afterwards,” he added as audience members began shouting for the man to sit down.

After the clip went viral, inspiring both cheers and anger at the former VP, the man was identified as Jason Selvig, a prankster and comedian part of the comedy duo The Good Liars.

“The duo interrupted an Andrew Yang campaign event a day earlier, asking for money out of the candidate’s wallet and asked if he was a robot,” the Washington Examiner confirmed. “After the Biden event, they showed up at an Elizabeth Warren event, where one of the men proposed to the candidate.”

Some of the public seemed to respond to Biden’s zinger with praise, even in cases where the people praising the former VP weren’t fans of him to begin with.

“This actually makes me like Biden a little more,” one Biden critic whose Twitter feed doesn’t appear to look like the feed of a liberal, wrote.

“I actually have to give Biden a thumbs up on this,” another added.


But the problem, as noted by the latter Twitter user, is that Biden “talks smack to people at his events” habitually, not just here and there.

So while his joke appeared to please some, to others it came off as another example of him behaving like an “egomaniac bully.”

Keep in mind this occurred only four days after Biden stuck his finger in another rally-goer’s face and told him to “go vote for somebody else” after the rally-goer dared to confront him about his proposed climate change policies.

When you couple this with the numerous other examples of the former VP losing his cool with event attendees, it becomes more clear why so many people genuinely believe he’s a “bad dude,” as he himself would put it.


Incidentally, video compilations of Biden habitually acting in a mean, bullying way have emerged this week, and they certainly don’t portray him in a positive light.

Here’s one especially disturbing compilation below:

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