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New polls could spell doomsday for Dems as black voter approval of Trump doubles, race relations improve

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A new poll indicates that support for President Trump among black voters in America has doubled in the past year.

Despite Democrats’ attempts to label Trump as a racist for the last three years, a new Rasmussen poll reported that black support among likely voters has doubled to 42% from 21% last year.

The liberal media narrative continues to counter Trump’s support among black voters but the latest poll numbers show a different story, as the president has touted how his economy has benefited black Americans with unemployment rates at record lows, an improved economy, prison reform, and urban renewal programs.

Back in November, Emerson and Rasmussen polls reported Trump polling at 34%, and a Marist poll showed a 33% approval among black voters.

Of course, the latest numbers will probably not be making headlines in the liberal media, as conservative commentator and radio show host Dan Bongino noted.

The state of race relations under Trump has also been tracked and both Rasmussen and Gallup polls found an improvement under the current administration versus that of former President Barack Obama.

First daughter Ivanka Trump touted the latest Gallup poll in a tweet on Thursday.

Gallup records double-digit increases in public satisfaction with the nation’s economy, security from terrorism, military strength and the state of race relations,” since Trump took office in 2017, according to the latest survey.

“Satisfaction is also up by between six and nine points on crime, the position of blacks and other racial minorities, the distribution of income and wealth, and the opportunity for a person to get ahead through hard work,” the report indicated.

“The position of blacks and other racial minorities in the nation” saw an increase of 9 points since Obama’s exit, from 37% in January 2017 to 46% currently. And the state of race relations was at 36% this month, up 14 points from 22% at the end of the Obama administration, Gallup found.

“Americans’ average satisfaction rating for the 27 issues Gallup has tracked consistently since 2001 is now 47%. This is up three points from a year ago and is the highest since the January 2005 poll,” the report also indicated. “Today’s average satisfaction is roughly on par with the level of the early 2000s. Only in 2002 was the average for this metric substantially higher than it is today.”

And the left continues to dismiss, or outright ignore, the numbers.

Frieda Powers


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