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Ilhan Omar’s ill-conceived tweet about immigration under Trump backfires

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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s attempt to jab President Donald Trump over an immigration policy backfired as her own dirty laundry was exposed.

The Minnesota Democrat was slammed on social media after she tweeted her reaction to a Supreme Court decision in favor of the Trump administration’s new immigrant wealth test.

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Omar quoted from Emma Lazarus’s famous poem etched on the Statue of Liberty in her tweet Monday, asking her nearly two million followers to retweet “if your immigrant ancestors wouldn’t be let in if this means tested immigration policy was in place then.”

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 vote on Monday on the public charge rule, handing Trump a victory in enforcing the new immigration policy unveiled last August which allows officials to reject efforts to obtain green cards, visas and entry into the U.S. for anyone who might need to rely on public benefits, such as Medicaid and food stamps.

The high court’s ruling also prompted a rebuke from Omar’s fellow “Squad” member, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Omar’s finger-pointing backfired as Twitter users pointed out that when their “immigrant ancestors” did come to America, there were no welfare programs to subsidize their assimilation.

Many called out Omar’s clueless take and the fact that the words she quoted were from a poem and are not U.S. policy.

But the most scathing responses to Omar’s tweet targeted the progressive lawmaker for her own recent controversies, including recent reports that she is under a FBI investigation into claims that she married her own brother.

Omar is banking on Democratic supporters to ignore her congressional controversies and “send her back to Congress” as she launched her re-election bid last week. The 37-year-old Somali refugee, who fled to the U.S. with her family when she was young, has had a rocky tenure representing Minnesota’s 5th congressional district since last year, coming under fire on several occasions for her controversial remarks and anti-Israel views and campaign finance violations.

Social media users responding to Omar’s tweet about Trump’s immigration policy flooded Twitter with their ancestor stories and reminded the congresswoman to look in the mirror.

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