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‘White House and white people’: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin diversity-checks Trump’s legal team

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A sure sign that the Democratic Party’s one-sided impeachment of President Donald Trump is not going well in the Senate was seen Saturday when the party’s CNN allies went back to attacking the president as a bigot.

In effect, because the White House defense team lacks the diversity seen with House impeachment managers — unless the network is declaring Trump guilty over a lack of diversity, which is not out of the question.

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin characterized Trump’s legal team as “White House and white people,” saying the impeachment trial was “a lesson in the diversity of the two parties.”

Toobin would note the affirmative action at play with the House team.

“You look at the House managers, it was almost evenly divided between men and women. It was — you had two African Americans, you had a Hispanic. I mean, it was all white men today,” he said of Saturday’s arguments by the president’s legal team.


He would then dismiss the “two white women” on the White House defense team in a sexist manner, questioning whether they will be “allowed” to speak.

(The women are Pam Bondi, the former attorney general of Florida, and Jane Raskin, a former federal attorney who’s successfully tried organized crime and racketeering cases.)

“There are two — two white women — allegedly on the team, we’ll see if they are allowed to argue,” Toobin said. “But I mean, I think, you know, in a visual medium when you have one side that has a very diverse team and the other side that’s all white men, that says something in and of itself.”

Never mind that the defense spoke for just over two hours, out of an allotment of 24 hours over three days. The two hours occurring on a Saturday.

Lost in the mix, as a social media user noted, was that this was an all-white CNN panel of four men and one woman.

Not surprisingly, the man who fawned over the Democrats’ leading impeachment manager, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., wasn’t impressed with the team representing the president.

Toobin panned the performance by Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow, saying that he “sort of wandered in the wastelands of the Mueller report that didn’t seem relevant.”

He also said deputy counsel Patrick Philbin “is not a spell-binding performer” either, suggesting that he put forth a “particularly weak performance.”

Contrast this assessment to how Toobin gushed over Schiff like a teeny-bopper.

“I thought it was dazzling,” he declared last week. “I thought the way he wove through both the facts of the case and the historical context was really remarkable. It was the second-best courtroom address — since it’s like a courtroom, that I ever heard.”

Here’s a sampling of reactions to the story from Twitter:

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