ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos caught on air in throat-slash gesture to cut off Trump attorney
Screen capture … Credit: ABC News

In obvious dismay at Trump attorney Jay Sekulow’s insightful interview responses on Thursday, ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos was caught on camera making a throat-slash gesture. The anchor’s intent was to cut away from Sekulow’s Senate impeachment trial perspective.

The studio producer’s quick trigger finger created a classic meme-worthy snippet that is destined to forever be part of Stephanopoulos critics’ go-to clips.

Watch the defining journalistic moment of the former press secretary for Bill Clinton (watch to the end) …

Before the abrupt cut to the throat slash, Sekulow was telling reporters that the Trump team would be presenting multiple views on impeachment that would show that the president’s actions are not impeachable.

“We’ve got lawyers that are going to be put forward when our side of the case goes, that represents multiple schools of thought on what is and what is not an impeachable offense,” said the attorney. “But they have one thing in common, that the actions alleged and the actions of the president do not reach that level. No matter what school of thought you’re on … our position is, you still have to meet basic, fundamental constitutional obligations and they haven’t.”

As Stephanopoulos realized he was busted mid-slash on camera, an unguarded sneer crossed his face before he recovered and went on doing whatever fake-news professionals do for the money.

Fox News reported that Stephanopoulos’ deep connections to Democrats and the Clintons have proved embarrassing for ABC as they try to pretend they are an impartial news organization. “His ties to Clinton also became a source of embarrassment to ABC during the presidential campaign, when he was caught secretly giving money to the Clinton Foundation,” the Fox story recalled. “He had to recuse himself from hosting any presidential debates.”

As far as the style with which the throat slash was delivered, it rates a pretty low score, given a number of competing displays …

Of course, the internet is forever and social media has already deeply engraved users’ reactions to the Stephanopoulos misplay.

Victor Rantala


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