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Miserable naysayers try, but fail to ‘cancel’ unifying new Super Bowl ad touting American exceptionalism

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Save for a few deranged and bitter haters, Budweiser has managed to inspire a brief moment of widespread, “multi-partisan” unity by releasing a 2020 Super Bowl teaser commercial that showcases the exceptionalism of the American people.

The commercial achieves this feat by turning the denigrating phrase “typical Americans” on its head and showcasing the extraordinary things that “typical Americans” do and accomplish on a daily basis.



The ad triggered highly positive responses from conservatives. Even some liberals suggested it could have been a campaign ad for socialist Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Typical Americans—this could have been A Bernie Sanders ad-for a true democracy that works for all of US typical Americans. Great ad-you should think about all of US typical Americans and vote 4 Bernie. Peace & Love,” one Sanders groupie wrote.

Considering that Sanders once declared that “when you’re white … you don’t know what it’s like to be poor,” it’s not really clear how his campaign fits even remotely with Budweiser’s patriotic, pro-ALL Americans message.

Note also that Sanders believes #BlackLivesMatter versus #AllLivesMatter …

But at least these pro-Sanders folks appreciate the ad. The same may not be said of some far-left “progressives” who relish today’s cancel culture, and ever so typically, responded to the ad by kvetching about America, about President Donald Trump, about police officers, about federal immigration laws, about this, about that, etc.


But these deranged responses appear to be far and few between, to the point that it took an extra amount of digging to even locate them. For it turns out that most Americans seem to greatly appreciate patriotism, never mind politics.

Here’s what MOST of the people replying to Budweiser’s video are saying:

Of course, there are also some Trump supporters who — just like the Sanders supporters — have interpreted the ad as a veritable campaign ad for their preferred candidate.


To be fair, unlike Sanders, Trump has actually made America a significantly more exceptional place.

Vivek Saxena


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