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ZERO: Stuart Varney exposes ‘shocking’ number of minutes major networks spent on USMCA

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Stuart Varney Democrats wrong side of history sham impeachment

Fox Business host Stuart Varney torched the Democrats and the media for gloating over the “partisan, spiteful impeachment” instead of celebrating America’s historic economy and acknowledging the victories President Trump has scored on behalf of the American people.

While the unhinged Left obsessed over impeaching Trump (despite the lack of an impeachable crime), the President:

  • Got the USMCA passed.
  • Signed Phase 1 of a new trade deal with China.
  • Celebrated record highs in the U.S. stock markets.

That was just in this week alone. 

“A new study reveals that in the first 100 days since the Democrats began their impeachment push, the [media’s] coverage of it has been negative — big-time,” said Varney, an alum of the London School of Economics.

Indeed, the study shows that network news coverage by ABC News, CBS, and NBC has been 93% negative.

This isn’t surprising, since former CBS News reporter Lara Logan revealed that the American media are “85% registered Democrats.”

Stuart Varney slammed Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party for wasting time and taxpayer money with a toothless, sham impeachment designed to damage President Trump during an election year.

“Speaker Pelosi is celebrating a narrow, partisan, spiteful impeachment,” Varney said. “Elizabeth Warren is desperately playing the sexist card. And the media is collectively losing its mind at the thought of another four years of President Trump. What a week.”

Varney said while Democrats are rabidly salivating over a political stunt that does not help everyday Americans, President Trump was working on behalf of the American people.

“Oh, what a contrast!” Varney said. “Another round of stock market records. News on the economy showing exceptionally strong consumer spending. A China trade deal that reshapes the U.S.-China economic relationship. And then another new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.”

(Source: Fox Business)

In fact, U.S. consumer confidence in the fourth quarter of 2019 roared to a historic high, according to the Conference Board’s latest Consumer Confidence Report. The report touted “a strong labor market, with low unemployment and rising wages.”

Varney remarked: “What did the Democrats do this week to help everyday people? Handing out commemorative impeachment pens and gleefully trashing the president of the United States hardly qualifies as help for the little guy.”

Varney said the Left continues to be blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome while neglecting the homelessness crisis erupting across the country, the opioid epidemic killing Americans en masse, and the illegal immigration crisis that has fueled alarming spikes in criminal activity in big cities.

“It was another week marked, on the Left, by the continuing contempt for the President,” Varney said. “Trump hatred continues to cloud their judgment. They just can’t get past it. They keep looking back to Election Day 2016 and they’re not over it. You’ve been watching history. The Democrats are on the wrong side of it.”

Meanwhile, the Senate impeachment trial kicks off next week, which means another week wasted on political theater.

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