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Greg Gutfeld rips Dems like never before over impeachment circus: ‘They don’t hate Trump, they hate you!’

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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is not buying into the pomp and circumstance surrounding Wednesday’s impeachment ceremony, claiming that he believes the whole ordeal was “an emotional tantrum” by the Democrats.

He ripped into the left for their obsessive need to attack President Trump, claiming the entire dog and pony show was akin to “a baptism at the Addams Family.”

“That was a fricken’ ceremony,” he began. “You have ceremonies to award medals, you have ceremonies at weddings and funerals. This was like a baptism at the Addams’ family.”

He then went on to note the fancy pens and platters that were on full display during Nancy Pelosi’s signing.

“Did you notice, they had a silver platter for the pens!” Gutfeld cried out in incredulity. “Everybody got a special party favor, a little pen to take home. We are paying for those fricken’ pens and for that platter. And then you see the media taking pictures of the pens ‘Oh look how special the pens are.'”


(Source: Fox News)

Closing in on the end of his remarks, he noted that while it would appear that their anger is directed at the president and the allegations laid out in the articles of impeachment, the real target is the average American Trump voter.

“If you’re a viewer, okay, and you’re watching this coverage here’s four things you gotta remember: The media controls the narrative, okay, look what happened to ‘The Five’ right? They put the money in the jukebox, we gotta dance,” Gutfeld said, noting the “breaking news alert” intrusion into their broadcast to cover the signing. “Number two, the Dems and the media have been working on this for three years, so this ain’t a moral cause, this was a political vocation meant to unseat an election.”

The further into his list he got, the more fiery Gutfeld became until he was nearly shouting at the camera.

“Number three, they don’t hate Trump, they hate you. He’s a proxy for you because you voted for him, they think you’re a bunch of rubes ‘cuz you didn’t listen to the media, this is their revenge,” he said. “And last but not least, you gotta store that anger. And when this is over, and when they lose – because they will – you gotta rub their noses in their loss until the day they retire.”

Twitter users reacted to Gutfeld’s rant with praise and agreement.

It seems that the only people happy about this impeachment charade at the smiling Dems who once claims that this was a “somber” and “prayerful” affair.

Sierra Marlee


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