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Judge rules in favor of Trump admin in family separation case

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In what has proven to be a rare occurrence, the Trump administration came out on top in a case involving the separation of more than 900 children at the border.

Children who were with parents deemed to be unfit or dangerous.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw ruled that the administration was acting within the law in the decision to remove the children, after previously ruling children separated from their parents after President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy on illegal immigration was first announced must be located and reunited, Fox News reported.

Sabraw wrote in a 26-page decision: “It is an invitation that is potentially massive in scope, invades an area that is particularly within the province of the executive branch to secure the nation’s border, and goes beyond this court’s class certification and preliminary injunction orders, which were focused on the administration’s practice of separating families at the border for the purpose of deterring immigration, and failing to reunify those families.”

Under zero-tolerance, those who entered the U.S. illegally were arrested and detained, and just as when American citizens are arrested, parents are “separated” from children when placed in jail.

The open-border left, to include much of the Democratic Party and their media allies, exploited the children affected to push back against the practice.

Leave it to the American Civil Liberties Union to go to bat for the parents considered “unfit or dangerous.”

“The court strongly reaffirmed that the Trump administration bears the burden if it attempts to separate families based on an accusation that the adult is not the child’s parent,” ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt said in a statement after the ruling, according to Fox News. “We are evaluating the decision to determine next steps on how to ensure that children are not separated from their parents based on minor infractions.”

The decision included a ruling that the administration would have to use 90-minute DNA tests to resolve parentage disputes — U.S. officials voiced “operational concerns” over the ruling, according to the Associated Press

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have said some migrants coming into the US use children to pose as a family to exploit loopholes in immigration laws while making an asylum claim so they can be released into the United States.

Migrants are also suspected of “renting” children to facilitate this strategy.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said Department of Homeland Security officials told him as much.

“I can’t believe that this actually happened, that the people down there in Central America or Mexico are renting babies to get across the border and then sending the babies back and renting them again to come back across the border,” the senator said last summer.

Then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Congress in March 2019 that this was happening.

“We have even uncovered ‘recycling rings’ where innocent young people are used multiple times to help aliens gain illegal entry,” Nielsen told the House Homeland Security Committee. “As a nation, we simply cannot stand for this. We must fix the system.”

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