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Elizabeth Warren’s cringy dance moves spark Dem battles about authenticity vs sexism

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s so-called dance moves earned her social media mockery, but one fellow Democrat came to her defense.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker spoke out in defense of his 2020 presidential rival, taking to Twitter to comment on the roasting leveled at the Massachusetts senator over video of her awkward on-stage dance moves.

First the moves:

Then came Booker to the rescue.

“Raise your hand if you know why people are trolling Elizabeth’s dance moves and not my dad jokes,” Booker tweeted, along with the video of the 2020 hopeful showing off her moves at a Brooklyn, New York rally.

While Warren’s attempt to be hip was being called out on social media, Booker seemed to be focusing on sexism in the comments as he responded to Justice Democrats co-founder Kyle Kulinski, who posted the video and wrote, “I know your terrible advisers told you to be more relatable and dance but really the trick is just being your authentic self. No more no less @ewarren.”

Booker did get a few raised hands in response to his tweet.

Other Twitter users seemed to agree with Booker that Kulinski’s comments were sexist.

But Kulinski, a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, fired back at the criticism, asserting that his remarks were aimed at policy and were not sexist.

Regardless of the sideshow about who was trolling Warren and why, Twitter users couldn’t help their reactions to the cringe-worthy dance moves by the Senator who has seen a recent drop in her poll numbers.

But Warren’s awkward attempts to look real also backfired in a recent tweet touting an interview with Elle magazine, where she told readers they “deserve better” and should “dump the guy who ghosted you.”

As many, including conservative commentator and journalist Katie Pavlich, quickly pointed out, it seems the 70-year-old Democrat appears to have no clue what “ghosting” actually means.


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