MSNBC’s Katy Tur reports on ‘stern white military men’ flanking President Trump during Iran address

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MSNBC anchor Katy Tur reacted to President Trump’s address about an Iranian missile attack by complaining about the “white military men” who stood with him.

In the wake of escalating conflict between the U.S. and Iran, culminating in two Iraqi airbases housing U.S. forces being targeted by Iran’s launch of more than a dozen missiles, Tur’s response to the president’s speech on Wednesday was to voice her disdain for the officials who stood behind him.

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Tur kicked off her MSNBC segment by recapping Trump’s earlier address, strangely choosing to focus for a moment on the race and gender of the Joint Chiefs of Staff standing behind the president during his speech.

“Flanked by stern white military men, the President addressed the world this morning, following Iran’s attack on military bases housing American soldiers last night,” she said.

The MSNBC anchor even seemed to be bothered by the president not opening his remarks by saying “good morning.” Rather, she contended, Trump began by “demanding” that Iran not be allowed to have nuclear weapons, a view many people not suffering from anti-Trump issues would probably agree with.

Tur went on to emphasize how the president “asserted, without evidence,” that the Iranian military leader was planning an “imminent attack” on American personnel.

Just days ago, the NBC News correspondent was dumbstruck by the size of the crowds at the funeral for the deceased Iranian terrorist.

“A stunning show of solidarity just a few weeks after anti-government protests threatened to destabilize the country. It seems President Trump did what the Iranian government has been unable to do: unite the country,” she announced to viewers.

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Tur was roasted on social media for her take and was schooled on the basics of Iranian propaganda.

There were plenty of Twitter reactions to Tur’s remarks:

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