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Lou Dobbs: Mike Lee is ‘Benedict Arnold’ for supporting move to limit Trump’s military authority

Lou Dobbs Mike Lee
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs called Republican Senator Mike Lee a traitor. (screenshot)

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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs torched Republican Senator Mike Lee as a traitorous “Benedict Arnold” for supporting a nonbinding Democratic resolution to “limit President Trump’s military authority.”

Lee made the remarks after slamming a classified military briefing detailing why last week’s airstrike on Iranian terrorist Qaseem Soleimani was urgent.

At the briefing, these officials (see below) explained that the killing of radical Islamic terrorist Soleimani was necessary because he was planning imminent attacks that would kill Americans.

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper
  • CIA Director Gina Haspel
  • Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley.

After the briefing, Lee had an emotional meltdown on live TV and whined that he was unhappy with the briefing.

Lou Dobbs quipped:  “Senator Mike Lee is having something of a snit fit today. He came out in support of [Democratic Senator] Tim Kaine’s resolution to limit President Trump’s military authority.”

Dobbs continued: “Senator Lee’s Benedict Arnold impression follows a classified military briefing on Iran that Lee called the worst he has ever seen. Senator Lee — who seems to know a lot about not debating things in public — still refuses to hold a public debate in the Senate on his [green card giveaway] bill.”

(Source: Lou Dobbs Tonight)

Almost every Republican was satisfied with the briefing, including Senator Marco Rubio — an attorney and frequent Trump critic who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

However, Mike Lee said he was offended by the dismissive attitude that Trump Cabinet officials took toward him (poor baby).

“They left after 75 minutes,” Lee fumed. “I understand these are busy people, they’ve got a lot of demands on their time. They are appearing before a coordinate branch of government… responsible for their funding, for their confirmation, for any approval of any military action they might undertake. They had to leave after 75 minutes while they were in the process of telling us that we need to be good little boys and girls and run along and not debate this in public. I find that absolutely insane.”

Two hours later, Mike Lee underscored to Fox News host Martha MacCallum that he was not criticizing President Trump, whose Iran policy he fully supports. Basically, Lee said he was angry because he didn’t like the way Trump Cabinet officials handled the briefing.

“I support President Trump. I support the way that he has wielded his powers as commander-in-chief. I think he has actually been the most respectful of all presidents during my lifetime of the commander-in-chief power. I think the people who briefed the Senate today did him a grave disservice.”

What I’m concerned about is the flippant attitude that they [Trump Cabinet officials who held the briefing] reflected, both with regard to the underlying facts on Friday’s attack and especially as they relate to moving forward on any subsequent attack that we might undertake on Iran.

There was a dismissive attitude, one that was displayed in such a way that resulted in them saying, ‘We can’t identify what circumstances in which we would need to come back to Congress to get approval or authorization.’ That is antithetical to the Constitution.”

In other words, Lee is allowing himself to become a prop that the media are using to slam President Trump because he didn’t like the attitudes of several Trump Cabinet officials.  Good job, Benedict!

(Source: The Story)

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