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Pompeo schools Wallace on next moves and if impeachment weakened Trump: ‘You should ask Mr. Soleimani’

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sparked social media kudos after a “mic drop” response to a question on whether the impeachment of President Trump makes him appear “vulnerable” to U.S. enemies.

Pompeo had been speaking about the current state of U.S.-Iran relations following the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani in a Trump-ordered airstrike last week when Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked him the most ridiculous question.

(Video: Fox News)

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Pompeo discussed Trump’s plan with Iran moving forward and the administration’s commitment to protecting American citizens. Wallace concluded the segment by asking the Secretary of State a question that once again proved the media’s petty narrative against the president.

“Some analysts suggest that the impeachment of President Trump has emboldened enemies like Iran and North Korea to think that they can confront him,” he said. “Do you think that, as misguided as it may be, that some of our enemies think that this president is more vulnerable because of the impeachment effort?”

Pompeo’s response was succinct and left the Fox News host momentarily speechless.

“You should ask Mr. Soleimani,” he said without missing a beat.

“I understand that, but he was going ahead before you killed him,” Wallace finally responded. “And the question is, do you think that impeachment is emboldening our enemies?”

“I don’t,” Pompeo shot back.

“I think that our adversaries understand that President Trump and our administration will do the right thing to protect the American people every place that we find risk,” he replied.

Earlier, Pompeo had shut down other attempts by Wallace to criticize the president when the Fox News host asked if the airstrike that killed Soleimani was a “big step back’ Trump’s previous remarks to stop endless wars.

“Is the president pulling us out of endless wars in the Middle East, or with his action this week, did he take a big step back in?” Wallace asked.

(Video: Fox News)

“Endless wars are the direct result of weakness and President Trump will never let that happen,” Pompeo replied.

“We are going to get our facilities as hardened as we can possibly get them to defend against what Iran may potentially do, but make no mistake, America’s mission is to have our footprint in the Middle East reduced while still keeping America safe. Safe from rogue regimes like the Islamic republic of Iran and from terrorist activity broadly throughout the region,” he added.

“So is it fair to say that while the big strategy is to pull the U.S. out of endless wars, at least in the short term there could be more of a commitment?” Wallace pressed.

“The Obama Administration created an enormous risk to the American people in Iran. This administration is working to reduce that risk,” Pompeo said.

Twitter users cheered the secretary of state for “roasting” Wallace and for his unequivocal defense of the president.

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