Anti-Trump media calls Iran-backed militias trying to murder everyone at US Embassy ‘Iraqi mourners’

Pro-Iran militantsin Iraq have laid siege to the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad, vowing to kill everyone inside if they gain entry. Yet, in the eyes of […]

Lisa Page one-ups Comey’s whiny op-ed with the ultimate victim card

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page wants the world to know she is a victim. She declared her victimhood status in a tweet reacting to an op-ed byfired […]

Bloomberg would require doctors to undergo racial bias training

The remarkable thing about Democrats in post-Obama America is that they can find racism anywhere, even at the doctor’s office. In a move to pander to black […]

James Comey victim op ed
James Comey plays victim in self-pitying op-ed, calls Trump a ‘shrunken, withered figure’

Fired FBI Director James Comey played the victim card in a self-pitying Washington Post op-ed, where he trashed President Trump by dismissing him as “this shrunken, withered […]

DHS chief says Hanukkah stabber was son of illegal immigrant, ‘American values did not take hold,’ in deleted tweet

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli claimed Monday that the 37-year-old reprobate who’d bren into a Hasidic rabbi’s New York home during a Hanukkah party on Saturday […]
#ItsOkayToBeWhite soars to top trend on Twitter – turns out it’s not really okay

Liberals–verily, those of the enlightened group mind–are finding it extremely objectionable and offensive that #ItsOKtoBeWhite has been trending as the number one hashtag on . It seems […]

Here’s how obsession with impeachment is allowing big tech to build a China-like surveillance state

Chris White, DCNF Lawmakers are too busy wrestling with matters related to President Donald Trump’s impeachment to address issues related to the government’s deployment of facial recognition […]

Joe Biden to coal miners: ‘Learn how to program, for God’s sake!’

Peter Hasson, DCNF Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Monday that displaced coal miners should learn to code. “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a […]

‘Mexicans are the new Jews’: Linda Ronstadt says Trump’s ‘exactly the same’ as Hitler

Legendary singer Linda Ronstadt thinks President Trump and his administration are “exactly the same” asGermany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. The 73-year-old music icon told CNN’s […]

Brit Hume slays NBC’s Chuck Todd for equating Christian beliefs to ‘fairy tales’

With his dry wit and an economy of words, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume can be lethal when responding on social media, asNBC News anchorChuck […]

Hunter Biden legal team files to strike bank records, info related to counterfeit scheme claim

Hunter Biden’s lawyers condemned a private investigation firm and denied its incendiary claims that he had been involved in a$156 million “counterfeiting scheme.” The legal team for […]

Bloomberg ridiculed for plan to rework White House to create an open office workspace, shun Oval Office

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg wants to turn the White House into a large open-space corporate office, if elected president. Assuring voters he has his finger on the pulse […]