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#ItsOkayToBeWhite soars to top trend on Twitter – turns out it’s not really okay

Credit: Twitter / Jack Posobiec

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Liberals–verily, those of the enlightened group mind–are finding it extremely objectionable and offensive that #ItsOKtoBeWhite has been trending as the number one hashtag on Twitter. It seems to be lost on them that they are the ones who are in fact driving that ranking with their self flagellating sermons.

So, yes, this is happening as we head into a new year … foreshadowing that there will actually not be anything new to look forward to going forward–but 2020 will be the same old toxic dialog, probably only worse.

Here’s a prime example of a woke radical lefty, complete with obligatory stocking cap, intent on evangelizing the world on the evils of his own skin color …

It’s been noted ad infinitum by those of rational intellect, but it’s worth saying again … “It’s OK to be white” does not mean it’s “better” to be white or that people who are white are superior to anyone else. When someone out there posts something to the effect of “ALL lives matter” or that “It is OK to be white,” they are clearly doing so in response to the now prevalent progressive precept that white people today are to be vilified, held accountable, and punished for social injustices suffered by minorities in the distant past.

In the current outrage, it’s interesting that the hashtag apparently originated out of a debate among K-Pop fans and light-skinned Korean performers.

But liberals, always watchful and on the alert for outrage opportunities, took the hashtag and ran with it.

The bottom line, as we close out 2019, is that leftists feel the need to insist “It is NOT OK to be white.”

Of course, there are plenty of folks of all persuasions and pigmentations who are posting their opposition and ridicule of the mindless drones who embrace the anti-white bias.

Comedian Katie Hopkins inserted a particularly funny response to the conversation with a tweeted video snippet, emphasizing that we need to be able to get back to laughing at ourselves …

Victor Rantala


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