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Sister says viral video of 7-yr-old crying over a black doll for Christmas was not racist

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In post-Obama America, where racial division is deep as its been in half a century, a video of a young white girl in the U.K. rejecting a black doll as a Christmas gift likely says more about society than it does the family involved.

That being that the response suggests folks may be a little too eager to see each other in the worst possible manner.

In the clip that has gone viral, a seven-year-old girl unwraps a present — a black doll — and screams before throwing it across the room. As she sat there crying, members of the family can be heard laughing off-screen.

“What is it? It’s a nice dolly,” said the woman recording the video, which has now been viewed nearly 10 million times. “It’s a lovely doll.”

“how is this even funny? disgusting parents ??‍♂️,” tweeted a social media user.


On appearance alone, it’s understandable that people may get the wrong impression. But the girl’s sister insisted that there was nothing racist about the clip.

The sister, who appears to have deleted her account since, tweeted that the reaction was because her younger sibling hates dolls, according to Fox News.

ALL dolls, not just black dolls.

“Just like to come on and explain about the video that went viral,” the sister said. “My intentions of posting this video wasn’t to be ‘racist’ at all, my sister & family are 100% not racist and it wasn’t meant to come across that way.”

“The doll was a Christmas present from a family member [who] obviously didn’t know my sister isn’t a fan of dolls full stop,” she explained.

“I was just videoing her opening her presents as you normally do to see the excitement and happiness on their face,” the sister said. “Obviously she wasn’t best pleased with a doll, she’s only 7-years-old and definitely didn’t mean it in a malicious way.”

She concluded by saying the doll looked scary, which surely didn’t help her cause.

“She just doesn’t like any dolls at all she was just scared as it looked scary, she’s now happy with it!” the woman said.

If true that a family member, unaware that the girl didn’t like dolls, randomly bought a black doll, that may suggest that there is no prejudice involved.

That the woman, who said she captured the moment because she was recording her little sister opening all of her gifts, shared it online would also suggest there was no racial animosity at play.

After all, who would do such a thing in today’s cancel culture not expecting a fierce backlash? It was not advisable to share the clip, but the family was caught up in the funny reaction by the child and didn’t think about how the clip might be perceived.

For those who think the worst of society, those who walk around with a hammer in search of a nail, they will never be convinced that this wasn’t wanton racism by the white family.

Here are but a few examples of that mentality:

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