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Pompeo responds to Bush-era CIA-bashing movie ‘The Report’: I have your back

https://youtu.be/x79Gf4cJDDE and https://youtu.be/rYRmQeE-_GY
Screen captures … Actor Adam Driver in “The Report,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Credits: “The Report,” PBS

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted the movie “The Report” on Sunday after watching it, coming to the defense of the good people at the CIA and pointing out, “the bad guys are not our intelligence warriors. The bad guys are the terrorists.”

He tweeted: “I watched ‘The Report.’ Fiction. To be clear: the bad guys are not our intelligence warriors. The bad guys are the terrorists. To my former colleagues and all of the patriots at [the CIA] who have kept us safe since 9/11: America supports you, defends you and has your back. So do I.”

Pompeo was CIA Director under President Trump from January 2017 to April 2018 when he took the reins of the State Department.

Crucifying the spooks who work in the classified .gov shadows has long been big business for Hollywood. The secrets that make our intelligence networks effective also prevent a clear defense of the truth when leftists create blockbuster fiction.

Still, when a high-budget film is made, half the country takes it as gospel.

In “The Report,” starring Adam Driver and Annette Benning, a tale is told about the investigation leading to the Senate Intelligence Committee CIA torture report that was released in 2014. Driver portrays investigator Daniel Jones in the movie which is currently streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video.

Watch a trailer here:

“The Report” trailer 

The whole CIA torture controversy centered on tactics used after 9/11 to collect information from captured terror masterminds about potential follow-up threats. “Enhanced interrogation techniques,” aka waterboarding, were used during the Bush administration and was publicly revealed by Democrats during the Obama administration presumably to score political points.

Many believe that the information gleaned from those interrogations actually led to the capture of top Al Qaeda leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, and the subsequent demise of the terror organization.

At the time the torture report was about to be released, Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein, who ordered its public release, said: “We have to get this report out.” She claimed that the techniques undermined “societal and constitutional values that we are very proud of. Anybody who reads this is going to never let this happen again.”

Of course, Pompeo’s defense of the CIA and “intelligence warriors” of all stripes have ignited progressives on social media to respond in ugly fashion as they try to tie the past to the present …

Victor Rantala


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