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Kimberley Strassel nails it when she expertly dissects Pelosi’s ‘rolling impeachment’ ploy

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Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel hit the nail on the head in a piece on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s gamesmanship of not delivering the two articles of impeachment against President Trump to the U.S. Senate.

Given the weak case from House Democrats and the inevitable acquittal from the upper chamber, perhaps the San Francisco Democrat is doing all she can to avoid a trial.

“Who says Pelosi even wants a Senate trial? Strassel said in a tweet plugging her piece about the party’s “rolling” impeachment. “Far better for Democrats to keep impeachment rolling?”

More from the Wall Street Journal:

Mrs. Pelosi has understood from the start that the inevitable outcome was acquittal. There won’t be 20 Republican votes to remove Mr. Trump from office. So why hasten the president’s vindication? If the goal of this exercise all along was to damage Mr. Trump’s prospects for re-election, why wouldn’t Democrats want to hold an unconsummated impeachment over his head for as long as politically possible?

Think of it as “rolling” impeachment. Every day the Senate doesn’t hold a trial, Mrs. Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are free to argue that the process is rigged. They are already claiming that the Senate’s Republican “jurors” have abandoned impartiality, are actively working with Mr. Trump to cover up his crimes, and are afraid to hold a trial.


Strassel goes on to say that Senate Republicans should just go ahead and schedule a trial to bring to an end the “damaging precedent” being set.

“[Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell has a majority to set the rules, and he has history, the Constitution and fairness on his side,” she wrote. Republicans also have a duty to spare the nation from the damaging precedent Mrs. Pelosi is setting. They can end the farce of endless, rolling, partisan impeachment.”

The article drew plenty of speculation online, as well as competing theories… here’s a small sampling of responses from Twitter:

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