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Jeff Bezos is on track in 2019 to lose more money than anyone else on Earth

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Chris White, DCNF 

(Source: Flickr/Steve Jurvetson)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is on track to lose an incredible amount of money in 2019 due to his divorce from MacKenzie Bezos.

The billionaire’s net worth fell $13.6 billion to $111.4 billion after his split in April saw a quarter of his earnings with Amazon go to his now-ex-wife, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Bezos is on pace to lose more money than any other human being on the planet in 2019.

The billion-dollar couple submitted the final paperwork for their divorce in April and MacKenzie Bezos left him with 75% of Amazon stock while giving up her share of the voting rights for Amazon.

She also forfeited all interests in The Washington Post and Blue Origin, two of Jeff Bezos’ other properties.


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