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Former Cali assemblyman warns ‘dying’ state is bellwether if progressive left ‘takes over’ America

(Image: Fox News screenshot)

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Former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore pins the blame for the state’s homeless crisis squarely on Gov. Gavin Newsom and the left’s progressive policies.

“California’s progressive left policies are killing the state,” the Republican who left California and moved to Texas back in 2011, said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

(Video: Fox News)

“The state is dying,” DeVore added, noting how “everything is more expensive. Their energy is more expensive, housing is more expensive.”

“If you want a blueprint of what America will look like if the left takes over, look no further than California,” he said. “They have half of the nation’s unsheltered individuals in one state, in California. The place is falling apart.”

Rampant homelessness has escalated in California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco as years of Democratic leadership have failed to address underlying issues contributing to the problem. A reduction in population growth, the lowest numbers since 1900 according to the Los Angeles Times, is also contributing to the problems in the Golden State.

President Trump unloaded on Democratic California lawmakers this week, calling out Newsom as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in several tweets as he threatened to intervene on behalf of residents if their elected representatives continued to ignore the problems.

“I imagine Trump’s Christmas to be like that scene when the Grinch yells ‘I’m an idiot!’ and his echo yells back ‘you’re an idiot!!,’” Newsom fired back in a tweet, while not addressing the issue Trump was highlighting.

DeVore told Fox News that California is simply “failing” under Democrats and a “one-size-fits-all policy” will not be a successful approach to dealing with homelessness in the state.

“California is failing. President Trump certainly is going to have his work cut out for him because it’s very difficult for the federal government to move alone, without the state and local governments backing them up,” he said.

“However, I know a lot of nonprofits out in California would certainly love to see a change in policy, and maybe we’re going to see that and maybe we will start to see a reduction in the homeless population. In the meantime, though, California isn’t looking good,” DeVore added.

He predicted the state’s population would be a key factor in the coming years as the Los Angeles Times noted data that showed “fewer births, coupled with increased deaths among an aging population” as well as “more and more residents leaving the state.”

“I predict within two years,” DeVore said, “you’re actually going to see California begin to shrink in population as people leave the state and go to other places like Texas where taxes are lower and regulation is less.”

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